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Roses from Jane….

“….Four Rose trees served also to mark the quarters of the Shrubbery….” -“Evelyn” by Jane Austen……
“…..Mr Gower encounters a rose lying in the gravel, and is thereby abruptly reminded of his sister Rose…..”…
….talking about “Evelyn” in “Jane Austen’s Beginnings: The Juvenilia and Lady Susan” Edited by J David Grey….pg 93 by Ellen E Martin

“You know how interesting the purchase of a sponge-cake is to me” – JA to Cassandra 6/15-17/1808
Mr Woodhouse: “No cake”!!!!

A wonderful “love note” to NA from one of my favorite bloggers. -Kirk

From Lady Susan:…/status/564757611174952961…
Regency Ladies Soc. (@Regency_Ladies) tweeted at 7:08 AM on Mon, Feb 09, 2015:
@Regency_Ladies A classic line from Austen’s ‘Lady Susan’. Put those claws away!


WIshing all the “luck” of the Anne Elliot(in finding a 2nd chance) today!



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