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Plotting Lady Susan, A Little Chaos,Downton Snowbanks, and other delights…..

Alan and Kate and Jennifer Ehle….oh yes please!
At the end of the article:
“That’s back to Jane Austen really. She’s the greatest, driest wit you’ll ever find, I think.”
Alas, there isn’t a US release date currently listed. It was supposed to be the end of March….grrrr!!!After Harry Potter, Alan Rickman returns to directing in A Little Chaos

“I’m not above a custard pie in the face”: Harry Potter anti-hero Alan Rickman shows his lighter side.

Lol, he was best in Emma 09 as Mr. Knightley!!!!

Three lovely ladies!…/…/28/the-enigmatic-miss-darcy/

Mr. Knightley says…..”Donwell-lane is never dusty, and now it is perfectly dry….” -Emma Ch 42(I think)

Read by Lady Edith!!!!
Sophia Hillan situates her story during this final illness, as Elizabeth, unaware of its severity, rails at the thought of having her sister-in-law Jane attend her. But just what has made Elizabeth so angry with Jane?
Writer … Sophia Hillan
Reader ….. Laura Carmichael
Producer ….. Heather Larmour.

Such amiable appearance
. . . it was not in her nature to question the veracity of a young man of such amiable appearance as Wickham. Of Jane Bennet Pride and Prejudice, Vol. 1, Ch. 17
Alas… just one more evening of P&P on Sunday.
“You are joking, Lizzy. This cannot be!–engaged to Mr. Darcy! No, no, you shall not deceive me. I know it to be impossible.”
“This is a wretched beginning indeed! My sole dependence was on you; and I am sure nobody else will believe me, if you do not. Yet, indeed, I am in earnest. I speak nothing but the truth. He still loves me, and we are engaged.”
Jane looked at her doubtingly. “Oh, Lizzy! it cannot be. I know how much you dislike him.”
“You know nothing of the matter. That is all to be forgot. Perhaps I did not always love him so well as I do now. But in such cases as these, a good memory is unpardonable. This is the last time I shall ever remember it myself.”
Lizzy and Jane discussing Lizzy’s engagement to Mr. Darcy
Pride & Prejudice, Volume 3, Chapter 17…/pride-and-prejud…/jane-bennet/

“Please, Tom – you & Sybbie do NOT want to go to Boston. Poor little tyke would disappear in a snowbank. ‪#‎DowntonPBS‬ ‪#‎Season5Finale‬”…



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