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Showers of Austen or Austen Snow squalls

Isn’t it richly ironic that he would so positively review Emma? And so sad that he reviewed it anonymously. -Kirk

“It’s a rainy day in Boston, I feel like it’s raining all over the world”….with apologies to Brook Benton……

Another great find by JASNA NY:

Look what Karen has caused on twitter….a contribution from a follower:
Ms. Marya E. Gates @oldfilmsflicker

P.S. to the photo above: In looking at the photo again…I think Fanny is channeling John McEnroe….”You can’t be serious!!!!!”

Wednesday Twitter fun!
Devoney Looser @devoneylooser
Just published! @CambridgeUP Companion to ‪#‎Women‬ ‪#‎Writing‬ in ‪#‎Romantic‬ Period, edited by me, w/14 amazing contribs.…/cambridge-companion-womens-writi…
@AusteninBoston Thanks for sharing! Lots of ‪#‎janeausten‬ in the bk, including the many fascinating women who were her author-contemporaries.
Meredith Esparza@ Austenesque ReviewsInterview + Giveaway with Author Lisa Pliscou
Jane Austen’s Zest
9 March14: What cruel weather this is! And here is Lord Portsmouth married too to Miss Hanson! Henry has finished Mansfield Park
Amelia R @LitJrzyGrl
On page 66 of 114 of A Room of One’s Own, by Virginia Woolf: “Did not Charlotte Bronte fail entirely to understand Jane Austen?” Yes,yes she did!
Write Like Austen @WritelikeAusten
Today’s Austen word: Odious – “His presence was beginning to be odious to her” – Not every man is a ‪#‎Darcy‬ – #JaneAusten
Regency Ladies Soc. @Regency_Ladies
“Where shall we see a better daughter or a kinder sister or a truer friend?” ‪#‎Austenite‬ #JaneAusten ‪#‎Emma‬
Our Sheepshearing Festival is April 25th 10-5, rain or shine! @VisitMA ‪#‎SheepFest2015‬
Photo below from…
VisitBritain @VisitBritain
Haddon Hall is one of the most beautifully preserved medieval houses in Europe:

From The Jane Austen Centre, Bath:
‘Oh! Who can ever be tired of Bath?’ Wonderful news for the city of Bath!

Sorry Sir Larry, Greer is much better in her role than you are in yours! -Kirk

One of my favorite bloggers gives some love to NA 2007. I love love love Felicity as Catherine….but you knew that already. smile emoticon -Kirk

Jane Austen’s Zest @JaneAustenKent
7Mar14:Here’s a day! The Ground covered with snow. What is to become of us? … Mr Richard Snow is dreadfully fond of us.
Write Like Austen @WritelikeAusten
Today’s Austen word: Bustle – “It has everything in its favour: heroism, danger, bustle, fashion” ‪#‎JaneAusten‬ on the military life
Jane Austen’s Emma @DailyEmmaQuotes
General benevolence, but not general friendship, made a man what he ought to be. ‪#‎EmmaWoodhouse‬ ‪#‎MrWeston‬ #JaneAusten
Emma @Emma_Bot_1
She had no doubt of Harriet’s happiness with any good-tempered man;
Emma @Emma_Bot_1
and as Emma became acquainted with Robert Martin, who was now introduced at Hartfield,
Jane Austen @janeaustenlit
I shall retreat…to the most remote corner of the house, where I shall order a barrel of oysters, and be famously snug.
Emma cover from the 60’s…

We tried Belinda and it didn’t really work for most of us. Anyone really like another of Maria Edgeworth’s works?…/in-praise-of-maria-edgeworth-by…


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