Posted by: rearadmiral | April 20, 2015

I was out of town…therefore this is late edition of week in review…buses and trains w/o planes

From Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits:
“She is like all the rest of them. Whether they are seventeen or fortyseven, when they finally come to surrender completely, it’s going to be in words.”
― William Faulkner
The quote used on the last chapter of my current book. So excited to be ending this story, but I’ll miss these characters.

“Jane Austen is an incomparably good writer; I, and others like me, are not fit even to gather the dust from her chariot wheels as she rides past. Jane Austen is an institution, and there are some institutions one does not meddle with. And finally, if there are lions’ dens around — and the legions of Jane Austen fans around the world constitute a pretty impressive lions’ dens — then why wander into them?”…/…/…

Alexander McCall Smith on Why He Followed Miss Austen’s Calling
Alexander McCall Smith, author of No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, explains the impetus behind his latest book Emma: A Modern Retelling.

4/15 Happy Bday Emma Thompson! Does she look too old to play the part in this picture? NO, NO, NO!!!!


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