Posted by: rearadmiral | April 26, 2015

April endings…/regency-dress-online-class

About a 10 minute radio interview with AMS is included in the post. While I had small quibbles with the book, I’m so glad he took it on. -Kirk

Write Like Austen @WritelikeAusten
Today’s word: Fancied – “However, when I read on, I found it was not near so bad as I had fancied at first” ‪#‎JaneAusten‬ how to review a book
Write Like Austen @WritelikeAusten
Today’s Austen word: Comforts – “She is poor; she has sunk from the comforts she was born to” #JaneAusten
Today’s Austen word: Beheld – “She liked him-in spite of his gravity and reserve, she beheld in him an object of interest” #JaneAusten


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