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May days…..Or, some twittery posts…

It’s been a while since I’ve done this….warm welcomes to Leyki, Francoise, Thais, Martyna, Ermela, Melina, Ashley, Gabriela, Livia, Isabella, Lucy, Elli, Martinez, Millie, anyone I’ve missed, anyone Facebook isn’t showing me, and everyone else here!!! smile emoticon

Which Dashwood sister is your favorite? If you are Team Marianne please vote!!!!!! Let’s try to break 20%, lol!!!

Is that Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill I see on the beach?


Not a Victorian author!!!!!! And…….also, “First Impressions”(P&P’s original title) came into being sometime in the late 1790s……..”Dr Law says the new evidence shows that that Austen stayed at the Earl’s country home Saltram House in Plymouth, Devon, in the early 1800s when Pride and Prejudice was written.

Lady Susan? Lol, our May book by the way!

Hartfield or Donwell Abbey perhaps?

Miss Lucy Steele?
Character Analysis
That Lucy Steele is certainly a tricky one. She’s clever, manipulative, and self-serving – basically, everything you need to be to climb the social ladder to material success in Austen’s world. Her success, however, comes at the expense of her own character. Though Lucy is pretty and outwardly sweet, she’s no Dashwood; compared to genuinely good-hearted Elinor or Marianne, Lucy comes off as cold, sneaky, and more than a little mean in comparison. Her treachery is made all the worse by the fact that she looks so nice and kind on the outside – so much so that she basically tricks all the other characters into liking her. Her deeds, however, are pretty despicable. Through the course of the novel, she manages to break poor Elinor’s heart, plague Edward’s life for a number of years, then dump him for his own brother in the pursuit of financial fortune and social standing. In other words, she’s a low down, dirty deceiver, and we don’t like her one bit. Charlotte Palmer?

Character Analysis
Mrs. Palmer is really a sweetheart. She’s a giggly, silly, rather inane woman, but at her core she’s a nice lady. Charlotte takes after her mother, Mrs. Jennings, in her love for gossip, and she wants nothing more than to visit with her friends and chat the day away. Marianne is often exasperated by her, and even Elinor’s patience is stretched by Charlotte’s exuberance.
It seems that the Dashwoods aren’t the only ones who find Charlotte’s company taxing at times. Her relationship with her husband, Mr. Palmer, is really pretty fascinating; in his dismissive attitude towards her, he seems to be kind of a sourpuss, but she just laughs off all of his bad social behavior, saying that he’s the perfect man for her. However, when we see them at home, we (and Elinor) realize that Mr. and Mrs. Palmer do care for each other and for their child, even if they have a tough time showing it in public. They’re an odd couple all right, but hey – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? For all of her flaws and quirks, Charlotte is a well-intentioned young woman who loves her family, friends, and, more than anything, gossip


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