Posted by: rearadmiral | July 12, 2015

Cup of Austen/The Summer Day

“It is not that we despise our literary and musical ancestors, but if we did not have the universities, the classics-as we are sure to call these-would be largely reduced to assignments, or revived by impassioned students who find, say, JANE AUSTEN(all caps by Austen in Boston, not the author) as thrilling as though she, too, were new, and speaking to us in surprising modernity. What is forgotten, unjustly, is the rich romantic past that was the first to question age-old traditions, and to teach novelists and poets, composers, painters, and dramatists, to say nothing of architects, where its creators’ passions originated and how much they still live in that world.” -Peter Gay “Why the romantics matter” pg 117…/21945053-why-the-romantics-matter

Rebecca, Karen, and I discussed Northanger Abbey on or near this spot several years ago.



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