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Another 18th of July/Weymouth/& Emma, Emma, Emma

I was searching Google for Weymouth and this Frank/Jane short story popped up…..…/…/620647410671452160/photo/1

Jane Austen Dec 16, 1775-July 18, 1817
“Aunt Jane was the general favorite with children; her ways with them being so playful, & her long circumstantial stories so delightful! These were continued from time to time, & begged for of course at all possible or impossible occasions; woven, as she proceeded out of nothing, but her own happy talent for invention. Ah! if but one of them could be now recovered!” -Anna Lefroy “Recollections of Aunt Jane”(1864)’s-physicality/9932313

If one has sought the publicity of print, and sold one’s wares in the open market, one has sold to the purchasers the right to think what they choose about one’s books; and the novelist’s best safeguard is to put out of his mind the quality of praise or blame bestowed on [her] by reviewers and readers, and to write only for that dispassionate and ironic critic who dwells within the breast.
—Edith Wharton, A Backward Glance, 1934


Jane is our All-Star! smile emoticon
Taylor Stoermer @History_Doctor
Then again, I still get jazzed that earliest reference to baseball was by ‪#‎JaneAusten‬ (Northanger Abbey) & was played by girls. ‪#‎LikeAGirl‬

Taylor Stoermer @History_Doctor
Actually, #JaneAusten had “an heroine” play baseball (even tho’ Ms. Morland didn’t know it yet). So 1st baseball hero was a girl. Love. It.

For those who don’t know, Curtis Sittenfeld is writing the Modern Pride and Prejudice for Harper Collins. Definitely channeling Jane Austen here. Anyone purchased or read the new Harper Lee book?

Curtis Sittenfeld @csittenfeld Jul 7
I wish I didn’t feel this way, but the publication of the new Harper Lee book reminds me of a wedding everyone knows should be called off.


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