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The Cat days of August, Happy 5yrs blogging Sarah Emsley

“Emma by Jane Austen:
Perky teen tries to micromanage love lives of galpals until ticked off by elderly suitor after rude episode (not that kind) on Box Hill ‪#‎sameplotasClueless‬”!cassandras-letter-appeal/c1k1e

History of England!

From 7/31:

Congrats Sanditon!

Sarah rocks!!!(Even if I disagree with her on a “few” things Jane Austen) smile emoticon

Found via JASNA Iowa Region!

Brace yourself….Lydia has her own book! According to Amazon, this one is dropping on us Sept 29th.

I would put Box Hill higher on the list, as I’ve been!!!



  1. Only a few though, right? Thanks for reading, and for sharing! I’m trying to remember if you’ve disagreed with me about Edith Wharton yet.

    • Thank you for your comment! Lol, you are quite right….only a few disagreements…and mostly(except the MP one) due to my “chocolate box”/Marianne Dashwood views perhaps. And, I’m just a fan with “unique” opinions(from the “safety” of the internet), hardly a scholar like you. 🙂

      That segways(sp?) into my reply about Wharton. Lol, because I love “chocolate box” endings…I’ve joked about Wharton never meeting an unhappy ending she didn’t want to write!(excepting Glimpses). And I’m hardly in a position to disagree with you as I feel like Catherine Morland when it comes to Wharton….”I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible.”. 🙂 “Custom of the Country” is something I would have never read but for your blogging about it. Also, talking about it in comparison with Lady Susan at JASNA MA and your blog. Lol, I don’t really like any of Wharton’s characters(like Dickens), but find her weaving her magic highly interesting(unlike Dickens).

      On your blog you kindly mentioned updating you on my Wharton readings. I recently enjoyed her travel book on Morocco. The leader of my non-Austen in Boston Austen group loaned me her copy. I was amazed and delighted by some of Wharton’s descriptions of the cities and people she visited. Cheers!

  2. I think that’s fascinating that while you don’t like Wharton’s characters, you do like her novels (and that the reverse is true with Dickens). I wonder why we often think we ought to like the characters — or at least some of them — in order to enjoy the story. I’m happy to know that I helped you discover The Custom of the Country and The Glimpses of the Moon. And I must confess I haven’t read In Morocco — so thank you for the recommendation! I’ll add it to my list.


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