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A Jane Austen Education, tea time, JAFF books

“Friends may be the family you choose, but I was still no closer to being part of such a circle than Anne had been at Lyme….One can only imagine the fun that Austen would have made of Facebook or MySpace or Twitter, with their comparable illusion of instantaneous intimacy.” -William Deresiewicz “A Jane Austen Education” pg187-188

” “Wisdom is better than Wit,” she wrote to Fanny Knight the very year that Mansfield Park was published, “& in the long run will certainly have the laugh on her side.” Choosing Fanny-ness over Mary-ness does not come naturally and is not always particularly pleasant, but, Austen was telling us, it is what we need to do”. -William Deresiewicz “A Jane Austen Education” pg 163!A-Jane-Austen-Birthday-Cake/camb/55c1db5d0cf265ef515ee74a

I also loved reading this novella. The story kept getting better and better. The interactions between Jane, Maria, Charlotte, and Emily(all three of the twisted English Sisters make appearances…but I didn’t mind)….priceless!!!

Celticjaneite’s Historical Fiction
Jane Austen is booked upon a time travel tour to 2016, to Ireland. Not very optimistic that her work has endured.
This book is on sale worldwide from Amazon. Find Amazon in your country, go to Books, and Copy and paste the title MY HEAD UPON THE £10 NOTE.

Jane Austen has come a long way, from 1816 to 2016. A guest of NY-based Time Travel Tours, she visits Limerick, Ireland, the home of her onetime love Tom Lefroy. She wonders how her work has endured through the centuries, and judging by the lukewarm reviews of some of her 19th Century Author companions, including Maria Edgeworth and the Brontës, she is not hopeful. However, she has plenty to distract her as the young tour guide, New Yorker Gina, confides her romantic troubles involving Doug who works with TTT, and Rowland from the Hamptons. Can Jane and the other lady authors, all of whom wrote about the heart, help Gina?

Whenever Jane and her sister Cassandra were apart, they wrote to each other. Using her ‘pen that inks itself’, Jane writes of her impressions of 2016, of Gina’s predicament, and what she has uncovered about the Lefroys that the Austens of Hampshire never knew. And there is Limerick, old and new, to be explored – much of which would have been familiar to Lefroy, which must allow her to wonder about what might have been…

I just enjoyed this book too and also give it a 4 out of 5. -Kirk

Various wonderful JASNA websites have posted this today…so…..

Don’t forget the Marianne Dashwood 2hr walk in the rain to avoid the Colonel workout…twisted ankle optional. In the fall, please do the Marianne loves dead leaves walk! Please avoid the Fanny Price headache walk in the heat because Mrs. Norris is just mean and Edmund kinda forgot about you workout…Also, please avoid the Anne Elliot painful overheard conversations workout unless later the Captain of your dreams helps you into a carriage workout…I rarely agree with Mrs Bennet but sea-bathing is definitely called for with temps in Boston supposed to reach the 90’s again this week workout…..the Mr Knightley walk from/to Donwell to Hartfield and back again and again workout comes highly rated, avoid the Mary Crawford stealing Fanny’s ride workout…smile emoticon….and though it’s not for my viewing pleasure….the Mr Darcy takes a swim workout is highly highly rated-Kirk


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