Posted by: rearadmiral | September 5, 2015

Happy Labor Day weekend!!

Happy Bday Joan Aiken!! I love love love her “Jane Fairfax”!! And hate hate hate what she did in her “Emma Watson: The Watsons Completed”. Indeed, I think almost everything is fair game in Fan Fiction(and I love Fan Fiction)…what she did in that book is not!!!!! I picture Jane Austen wanting to have a few “choice” words for Joan Aiken about that awful thing.
Looks like we are not seeing that Google Doodle in the US. Have you read any of her books?

Joan Aiken: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Joan Aiken, an English writer of children’s novels and supernatural fiction, is celebrated with a Google Doodle on what would…

A great comment from Jacquelyn Hayek on Facebook about the photo below:
For all its seeming serenity, this picture is the epitome of torment for E Ferrars

Great Portland finds by Karen!

Jane Austen Info
“ requires uncommon steadiness of reason to resist the attraction of being called the most charming girl in the world” -Northanger Abbey…/status/636919538282536960…

Of course!! And congrats to Emma for making it on the list at #15!!Francis-Austens-carved-box/ckt/551303870cf21d84af5487d2


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