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Happy 20th Bday P&P 1995(swimming in a sea of love?)

Jane Austen’s Elegant But Dumb Ladies
by Rachel Lawrence
A character type that appears throughout Jane Austen’s writing is a very polite lady who is all surface correctness but little substance. It is a type that may be called Elegant but Dumb. The Elegant but Dumb lady has correct manners and is very civil, but she is not bright, and is sometimes even anti-intellectual. She is also self-centered, and manages to get her own way in the end. Despite these faults, she is at least distinguishable from the Lady Catherine types (such as Lady Greville and Mrs. Ferrars) by her absence of malice…..

I highly enjoyed this collection of stories! -Kirk

“Mr Darcy taking a healthful swim….”

Opening title P&P 95…..

Interesting recap! -Karen

Happy 20th Bday P&P 1995!! Sadly, I love the Titanic Love Theme and I love it in this P&P 1995 tribute video! -Kirk

There’s a group watch at 4:00pm Eastern Time today!

From earlier in the week….

Congrats Austenesque Reviews!!!!
“Woot woot! This blog is turning 6 today! *blows noise-maker*
Can’t believe my little blog and I have been together so long! It has been 6 wonderful years of reading, reviewing, working with authors, and connecting with Janeites! Austenesque Reviews has been a place for me to share my love of Jane Austen and reading with you all, thank you for all your friendship and support!
Since I shared the birth story of Austenesque Reviews and some interesting blog stats last year, I thought it would be fun to do something different this year…
This year, I want to know about you! I want to know about your relationship and history with Austenesque Reviews.
I’d like to continue making Austenesque Reviews a place you want to visit and it would help me out a lot to know your honest thoughts. So I thought I’d make a short survey so I can learn a little more about the lovely readers of my blog. (See survey below!)
I’ll be sure to share the results with you all in a few days! smile emoticon”…/happy-6th-blogiversary-aust…



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