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October oranges…..and more Emma

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So I wrote another story ….
published by Indie Jane Press is available now for Kindle reader/app
and will be soon available in paperback.
Well. It’s official. There is a third book in the world with my name in the author line (along with the other fantabulous ladies of Holidays with Jane)! I get giddy every time I look at it — I think this will never get old. I hope it never gets old.
For Trick or Sweet, our latest festive offering, I got to rewrite Northanger Abbey — an incredibly fun read in its original form: Catherine Morland is adorably naive and Henry Tilney is the bee’s-knees of smart aleck heros. Also, Jane Austen is officially my hero, after realizing that she is the ultimate Queen of Snark. Needless to say, there was potential for a lot of fun writing this one with a fall/Halloween-y slant — and I had an idea that was pretty intriguing. Until I started writing, and realized I couldn’t make my characters do what they were supposed to. I was stuck.
If you’ve already devoured Holidays with Jane: Trick or Sweet, and read my acknowledgements, you know I completely rewrote “Once Upon a Story” after a friend told me I should write it so the whole story takes place at Mansfield Perk, in one day. I laughed it off at the time, but he was onto something, and the idea wouldn’t leave me alone. Dangit! Ha. So, rewriting happened … and as soon as I started writing it the way he suggested, everything worked. All the pieces clicked into place, and I was excited about the project again. (Note to self: If you ever get stuck on a story again, talk to him before spending weeks in no man’s land).
Not to give too much away, but I took his idea and gave it my own spin — while the telling of the story happens during one morning (and three rounds of drinks!) at Mansfield Perk, that’s only my frame story. (I have loved frame stories ever since my Science Fiction literature course in college). There was so much going on with this story in my head, I needed to employ a little flashback action — and stringing those scenes together within the context of what was happening in the coffee shop ended up being a lot of fun. I loved putting myself in Catie’s shoes, trying to figure out how she would tell a big story in little pieces. I also had way too much fun working in sneaky little references to … well … things. (Cue the impish grin).
I hope you like my little story, and that you thoroughly enjoy our whole collection — this one is ridiculously fun, and I think our individual styles and personalities really shine.
Thanks for stopping by today, and good luck on the scavenger hunt!

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