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November blues

Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club shared The Jane Austen Society of Ireland’s photo.


The Jane Austen Society of Ireland’s photo.
The Jane Austen Society of Ireland
November 11 at 3:47pm ·
Look what is on its way to… ‪#‎somethingaustentolookforwardto‬!


Very funny author Jack Caldwell interviews Miss Caroline Bingley twice! -Kirk…/…/

The Cajun Cheesehead Chronicles [part 1 of 2] by Jack Caldwell
The Austen Interviews #1 – An Interview with Miss Caroline Bingley [Originally posted 03/26/2011] JACK CALDWELL – Hello, everyone—Jack Caldwell here.…


Chawton House Library’s photo.

The Rules of Dancing:
Rule 1: Learn to dance – and to dance well
Rule 2: A gentleman may not ask a lady to dance
with him without a formal introduction
Rule 3: Having refused one gentleman, a lady may not accept another’s invitation
Rule 4: A lady may not invite a gentleman to dance
Rule 5: Observe the rules of precedence, with tact
Rule 6: Make amusing conversation while dancing
Rule 7: Observe the rules of sitting down
Rule 8: Do not intrude upon the dancers in a ballroom
Rule 9: Make the effort to enjoy dinner parties
Rule10:Attend to your neighbour’s needs at table
Rule11:After dinner the ladies must withdraw
Rule12:Assist in the after-dinner entertainment
Rule13:Return invitations promptly(is it unlucky to have 13 rules? -Editor)
-Jane Austen’s Guide to Good Manners by Josephine Ross
Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club’s photo.
Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club’s photo.


Talk Like Jane Austen Day’s photo.
Talk Like Jane Austen Day
November 12 at 8:30am ·
Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:
Mr Murray’s Letter is come; he is a Rogue of course, but a civil one. He offers $450- but wants to have the Copyright of MP. & S&S included. It will end in my publishing for myself I dare say.- He sends more praise however than I expected.
Letter to Cassandra October 17-18, 1815

Make haste! Drunk Austen? Jane Austen is totally my religion?
Monday Dec 7th 3-4:30 PM

Tea and Jane Austen
Contact: Nathalie Harty 978-318-3349
As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s Emma, we invite you to join us for a special literary Jane Austen Tea.
Enjoy tea and scones as we learn about tea’s fascinating role in the life and literature of Jane Austen as well as the social history and customs of this important beverage in Concord and beyond. Presented in period dress by Lisa Steigerwalt, local tea educator.
Registration required.
Click here for more information about Lisa
Location: Main Library (Trustee Room)
There are 8 spaces available.…
EventKeeper at Concord Free Public Library, Concord, MA – Plymouth Rocket Web Calendar Solution
Event List

Romantique Tea time with Mr. Darcy’s photo.
Romantique Tea time with Mr. Darcy
November 11 at 10:40am ·
Tea time! smile emoticon

La mia vita da Janeite’s photo.
La mia vita da Janeite
November 10 at 5:27am ·
Le due amiche , i cui cuori erano ora più uniti che mai , furono inseparabili per tutto il giorno ; e facendo progetti di felicità futura , per quanto sarebbero state davvero sorelle , le ore volarono . ”

– Jane Austen ( Northanger Abbey ) heart emoticon .

The two friends, whose hearts were now more united than ever, were inseparable throughout the day; and doing projects of future happiness, as would have been really sisters, the hours flew. ”

– Jane Austen ( Northanger Abbey ) heart emoticon .
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Jane Austen is totally my religion’s photo.
Jane Austen is totally my religion

“I lay it down as a general rule, Harriet, that if a woman doubts as to whether she should accept a man or not, she certainly ought to refuse him.” Jane Austen

Another great find by…La mia vita da Janeite!!

♥ Jane Austen’s Couples || Heart of me..(6500+subs!!) ♥
(HD+earphones) *I’m without her but it’s clear that she belongs here* ♥ “My characters shall have,after a little trouble all that they desire.” -Jane Austen …

Found via the Jane Austen Picture Wall!

Favorite Recipes
Create your very own Jane Austen tea party: Regency Tea Party Menu – links to 17 recipes!

Make haste and make a RSVP!

Fancy That’s photo.
Fancy That at Fancy That.
Yesterday at 11:13am · Walpole, MA · Edited ·
Yes, we are open and serving Tea the day before Thanksgiving (Wednesday, November 25), and the day after, too (Friday, November 27)! Yes, there’s still room for you, and yes, the November menu is awesome! smile emoticon Don’t miss our Pumpkin Cranberry Scones ♥
photo: Jamie R. Doyle Photography

Chawton House Library’s photo.

Catching up with the lovely Hattie Morahan! I like to joke that S&S 95 was really Marianne’s story(Team Marianne!), S&S 08 was really Elinor’s story. I loved Hattie and Dan Stevens together. They were also great on the DVD comments. And she was in his film “Summer in February”(story written by a former teacher of his), although she played a friend of his character, not a love interest. Dominic Cooper(hiss!) was in it too.…/The-Outcast-Hattie-Morahan-inter…

The Outcast’s Hattie Morahan: There won’t be any wedding bells this year
ENGLISH rose Hattie Morahan comes from acting royalty – and now she’s landed a stellar role in period drama The Outcast, as David Stephenson reports.

A great find by author Jane Odiwe!
From Jane:
Jane Odiwe
If you haven’t read this article before it’s a must-read if you want to discover how Jane Austen managed to be rude about the Prince of Wales or Prince of Whales as her riddle painted him in Emma. It’s fascinating and insightful!…/on-line/vol27no1/sheehan.htm

Colleen A. Sheehan

Colleen A. Sheehan

See more at JASNA.ORG

Kiplin Hall in North Yorkshire. Suitable for
Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill?
Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club’s photo.
Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club’s photo.

Roswitha Patzak’s photo.
‎Roswitha Patzak‎ to The Jane Austen Picture Wall
November 13 at 3:17pm ·
Dress worn in sense and sensibility in mompesson house in salisbury

The Reading Room’s photo.
The Reading Room
November 16 at 9:28am ·
Perfect! (Don’t worry…the mug is empty.)








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