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12/14 Post AiB and JASNA-MA Christmas party week in review….

Special thanks to those two folks at JASNA-MA yesterday who said they look at this weekly post!!!!!! 🙂 (as John Adams said in “1776”, “…is anybody there, does anybody care?)

Turns out Karen is crafty in more than one sense of the word!

Preview of coming attractions!

Looks like a good day to stay indoors and improve minds with
extensive reading!!! And have tea!

Kate (@TheArrowPen) tweeted at 11:30 AM on Fri, Dec 11, 2015:
Frankincense and Sensibility ‪#‎yuletitles‬

Curtis Sittenfeld (@csittenfeld) tweeted at 10:25 AM on Fri, Dec 11, 2015:
I was just asked who one has to kill or sleep w/ to get an advance copy of Eligible. I know it’s not as exciting but

For those who don’t know, James Edward Austen Leigh’s 1869(I think) bio of Jane Austen restarted her career. Lol, the bio is slanted to Victorian “sensibilities” and I think Jane Austen would have had a good laugh reading it.

An interesting review from a first time reader of Emma. -Kirk…/emma-200th-anniversary-annotat…/

Emma: 200th Anniversary Annotated Edition by Jane Austen
From Downton Abbey to Doctor Who, from BBC America to Sir Ian McKellen reciting Shakespeare in Marc Maron’s garage, America seems to have never fully…

Mansfield Park- Edmund confesses his love for Fanny Price
Here’s the final scene from the 1999 version (and the best one) of Mansfield Park!! One of my favourite scenes ever!!! This clip does not belong to me!! So…

Team Austen!!!

Kirk who? smile emoticon smile emoticon -Love, Me!
All Things Jane Austen’s photo.
All Things Jane Austen
December 6 at 3:59pm
First Listen: Rosamund Pike Narrates Pride & Prejudice Recording 10 Years After Appearing in the Film!…/rosamund-pike-reads-pride-and-preju…

PS. This post is dedicated to my Facebook & Janeite friend, Kirk! smile emoticon


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