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Happy Bday Emma, last blog of the year

Emma’s Regency Christmas
Merry Christmas! Welcome to the second guest post in my Emma in the Snow series. I’m delighted to share with you Theresa Kenney’s survey of Christmas celebrations in Jane Austen’s time and her disc…

From World HQ!!!!

Happy Bday Emma!!!! Lovely, as ever, at 200!!!

Emma in the Snow
Jane Austen’s Emma was published 200 years ago today, on December 23, 1815, and I hope you’ll join the anniversary celebrations here on my blog this winter as we celebrate “Emma in the Snow.” Here’…

“Sunday, 25th December 1814
Steventon Parsonage
The snow ceased to fall during the night, and it was a sparkling world that greeted us this Christmas morning. The verger had swept the churchyard pavings, despite Jame’s prohibition against any form of labour on so sacred a day, and this we were able to walk in a sedate file from the parsonage to St. Nicholas’s. Cassandra’s bonnet feathers were past repair, but Mamma exhibited her reticule with modest pride” – pg 27 “Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas” by Stephanie Barron

I’m glad the blog post author mentions The Trouble With Flirting, by Claire LaZebnik. I have enjoyed all of Claire LaZebnik’s teen Austen books…I think Sarah Emsley found them first. -Kirk

Godmersham Park January 8, 1804
Fanny Knight to Miss Dorothy Chapman, her ex-governess:
“As it is a long while since we have heard of one another….
In the first place you will be glad to hear that Brothers came home in good health and spirits 21st of last month. We have all spent a very merry Christmas and I hope you have also. We had different amusements every evening. 1st we had Bullet Pudding, then Snap Dragon. In the evening we dance or play at cards….The day before yesterday we drew King and Queen and drew such fanny names you cannot think! I was Suky Sweetlips…” -pgs 43-44 “Jane Austen’s Christmas” researched and compiled by Maria Hubert.

“May I entreat you to delight us with a turn at the pianoforte? I
had nearly forgot in all the bustle of Christmas……
Eliza, too, had witnessed the secretary’s rebuff. ‘Miss Jane Austen is a devoted player’….
‘Here is a new piano sonata in E minor, by Herr Beethoven’…
I glanced at the Beethoven, a taxing swarm of black notes, and set it aside in favour of the polonaises. ‘Miss Gambier may attempt the sonata. I shall content myself with playing tunes you younger folk might wish to dance to.” -pgs 74-75 “Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas” by Stephanie Barron

I agree!

Happy New Year!!!! Lol, especially to anyone(anyone?) who has looked at this post!!!!! Cheers!



  1. Great roundup rearadmiral! – _so_ much out there! Happy New Year to you all in Boston!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you Janeite Deb!!!(always wonderful for the protege to receive kind words from the mentor) A Happy New Year to you too!!! Happy Snow Birding…if not already there! I was, of course, so sorry to miss the most recent event, but enjoyed seeing the photos. Cheers!

  2. Lovely photo of Chawton Cottage in the snow. Thanks for mentioning my “Emma in the Snow.” Happy New Year!

    • So very glad to share them all Sarah! Maybe all but one. 🙂
      Happy New Year and happy “Emma in the Snow”!!!!!!


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