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1/31/16 Rosamund’s Bday and what else is there?

A great view of a changing Boston…

Found via Jane Austen is totally my religion!…/

Because one can never have enough Rosamund……smile emoticon

A great find by
Bingley’s Teas, Ltd
It’s Saturday and time enough to make a full tea. If you have never watched these wonderful ladies, here’s your chance! Oftentimes, better for their banter than to watch for recipes. Wishing a happy weekend to all of you glorious tea sippers!!Overlooked-Lady-Susan/nbptv/56a225640cf2bfd5cced570e

Margaret C. Sullivan
January 25 at 8:44pm ·
Love & Friendship*, Whit Stillman’s adaptation of Lady Susan, has had its premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and with the assistance of our friend Miss W., who lives in Utah (residents get early access to tickets), and frequent flyer miles, we were able to see it. We’ve been pretty excited about this movie since we first heard about it a few years ago, because we knew with Stillman at the helm, we were likely to get a film that was literate and funny and in the spirit of the original, and we are pleased to report that’s just what happened. [ 1130 more words. ]

REVIEW: Love & Friendship

None of us, right????…/14-signs-you-are-obse…/1295

14 Signs You Are Obsessed With a Book Character
Some people call it an obsession, we call it a good book


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