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2/6/16 Super Jane

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Mr. Woodhouse and What Matters in the End…%29

10 of the Best Words From Jane Austen’s Novels

This fan(hardly called super) saw the film last night courtesy of Screen Gems films. While I hate hate hate the idea of Zombies, the non-Zombie(DVD cut without/very limited Zombies please) parts of the films worked very well indeed. Indeed, while I’m not a Mr Collins fan in anyway shape or form, I thought Matt Smith’s Mr Collins was the best Mr Collins I’ve seen. Lily James, Charles Dance(Mr Bennet), Bella Heathcote as Jane Bennet, believable and excellent. References to other Austen works and films….outstanding! The audience didn’t get one reference, which was unfortunate since I doubled over with laughter. About those Zombie things…not as bad as I feared although bad enough. Nearsightedness had it’s only benefit on several occasions. 7.5 out of 10. -Kirk

Found via All Things Jane Austen:

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From Abigail Reynolds: Jane’s beautiful gifts:…
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Pride & Prejudice Fleece Throw Fleece Blanket
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Abigail Reynolds’s photo.
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Psst: Snowdrop’s Pride & Prejudice fleece blankets are 50% off at Zazzle through Feb 4 – also mugs, tote bags, cards and cases (yes, there are P&P phone and tablet cases!) – use code 5GIFTSJUST4U at checkout. Fluffy white cat not included! And if you haven’t checked out Jane Odiwe’s beautiful mugs and tote bags, this is the time!

A teacup up to Bingley’s Teas, Ltd for finding this one!



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