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3/19 It’s end of Winter and we’re getting snow…..

Every Jane Austen fan should read “The History of England”. PBS
please make an one hour adaptation….maybe for July 2017. Please?…/the-history-o…/

The History of England
AUSTEN, Jane. The History of England (England: British Library, Folio Society,1993).

Sarah Emsley
Yesterday at 7:15am ·
“Emma’s very good opinion of Frank Churchill was a little shaken the following day, by hearing that he was gone off to London, merely to have his hair cut.” The last guest post for “Emma in the Snow” is by Paul J. Savidge. I’m sad that we’ve reached the end of the series. But it’s still the Year of Emma, right? So I’m going to start rereading Emma yet again, inspired by all I’ve learned from the “Emma in the Snow” posts. Many thanks to everyone who participated by reading, writing, commenting, and sharing these posts with other readers!

Frank Churchill Gets a Haircut
Paul Savidge is a life member of JASNA and the Regional Coordinator of the Eastern Pennsylvania Region. He’s passionate about “Jane Austen, modern architecture and baseball (in that order).” Two ye…

BuzzFeed Books’s photo.
BuzzFeed Books
March 15 at 10:41pm ·
Real smooth.

What do Saint Patrick and Jane Austen have in common?

I think Jane Austen’s Leprechaun name would be Greenie O’Blaze….I like it!…/…/444244320023900160/photo/1

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“Find your Leprechaun name. I’m Sprinkles McKnob…”

An old article found again by Natasha Duquette….

In Defense of Fanny Price

Sarah Emsley
March 16 at 6:49am ·
What does it mean to have “all the usual stock of accomplishments” in a Jane Austen novel? Kim Wilson compares the accomplishments (or lack of accomplishments) of Jane Fairfax, Harriet Smith, Augusta Elton, and Emma Woodhouse in her guest post for “Emma in the Snow.”

Emma’s Accomplishments and Mrs. Elton’s Resources
Kim Wilson is a writer, speaker, editor, tea lover, and gardening enthusiast, and a life member of JASNA. She’s the award-winning author of At Home with Jane Austen, Tea with Jane Austen, and In th…

The divine La mia vita da Janeite posted these two photos. I decided to combine them into one post. To answer Lady Violet’s eternal question….”A weekend is a time to watch and reread Jane Austen!!!!”

Found via Noe and Cindy write!…/Fit-for-Pemberley-Dress/…/1

Fit for Pemberley Dress
What is it about the Fit for Pemberley Dress that makes it so romantic? It could be the tri-layer skirt or empire waist that this DIY dress sports. Inspired by J.Crew, this homemade dress maintains all the sophistication of professional design withou


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