Posted by: rearadmiral | April 2, 2016

4/2 April Showers bring Jane Flowers??

Lol….no reading in the grass for a bit here in Boston…but soon!

Be more like Emma???

Learning to Be A Little More Like Emma Woodhouse

From a couple of days ago….

Anna Austen Lefroy: A believer in True Love

The post is from Friday….fun fact…the actress(Sylvestra Le Touzel) on the right played Fanny Price in Mansfield Park 1983. Funner fact….she and her 1983 co-star(Nicholas Farrell) played a match making couple in the wonderful Amazing Grace…which included a ton of Austen adaption stars(from on screen and radio)….to wit Michael Gambon, Ciaran Hinds, and Romola Garai….among others. And in looking the cast list I see the Downton Abbey’s Spratt(Jeremy Swift) was in Amazing Grace too…where he played a butler. Talk about two degrees(six degrees would probably include every British actor…ever!!!!) of Kevin Bacon.

Sanditon getting getting some love….the Watsons anyone?



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