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A marathon of Jane

Jane’s life in Bath! Found via Abigail Reynolds, Writer!!!

All Things Austen – A Letter from Jane to Cassandra (8-11 April 1805)

All Things Austen – A Letter from Jane to Cassandra (8-11 April 1805)
Welcome to All Things Austen in April! Today, we get a glimpse of Jane Austen’s life in Bath to coincide with today’s date. This letter, which illustrates well Jane…

Several days late with this one, but since Mansfield needs love too……

An interview with Austenprose’s Laural Ann! I agree with her comments. Please consider following her blog and on social media. -Kirk…/us-books-austen-blogger-idUSTRE7A9…

If Jane Austen lived today, she’d be a blogger
Dear reader, if Jane Austen lived today, she’d be an avid blogger, she’d be on Facebook, and of course she’d also be tweeting away — but mostly about other people, not herself.

Found via JASNA-NY:
Fancy knitting a Mansfield Parka? New book features knits inspired by Jane Austen
JANE AUSTEN’S heroines would probably insist: “I knit a little, but very ill”.
PUBLISHED: 00:00, Sun, Dec 13, 2015
Knitting of Pride and Prejudice
Mr Darcy going down on one knee to Elizabeth Bennett as in Pride And Prejudice
Yet her finest works have been turned into kniterature for a book that hopes to have Christmas all sewn up.
If you are still searching for a perfect present for the nimble-fingered bookworm in your life, then look no further than Pride & Preju-Knits, 12 genteel knitting projects inspired by Jane Austen.
Featuring patterns which recreate the most famous scenes in the 1813 novel of manners, from Elizabeth Bennet meeting Mr Darcy at the Meryton Ball (complete with knitted chandelier) to his stiff-upper-lipped proposal in the grounds of Netherfield Park, no detail is overlooked in the painstaking quest to retell their compelling love story through the medium of wool.
Also featured in the 112-page book are scenes from Austen’s other novels including Emma, Sense And Sensibility, Persuasion, Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey.
Knitting of Sense and Sensibility
Colonel Brandon and Willoughby fighting their duel from Sense And Sensibility
Author “Trixie von Purl”, 49, who previously needled the publishing world with Knit Your Own Kama Sutra, took four months to cast on and off the charming dolls.
“As a lifelong knitter I got a bit bored of doing jumpers, hats, gloves and socks so I thought to myself, ‘Why not try something different?’” said the mother of one from Lewes, East Sussex, whose real name is Geraldine Warner.
Knitting of Sense and Sensibility
Harriet painting the heroine Emma
As a lifelong knitter I got a bit bored of doing jumpers, hats, gloves and socks so I thought to myself, ‘Why not try something different?’
Trixie von Purl
“It’s a very literal interpretation from Mr Darcy’s tailcoat to Fanny Price’s cat. The patterns are fairly complicated so it is for the accomplished knitter, but really I just want people to have fun with it.”
Mary Ellingham from publisher Search Press said: “Knitting is huge these days, especially novelty knitting which has been big for ages. There’s a real demand for more quirky stuff. Russell Crowe, Julia Roberts and Madonna are all accomplished knitters.”
Pride & Preju-Knits is published by Search Press, priced £9.99 ( The Sunday Express has five to give away. For your chance to win, please send your name, address and telephone number to Pride & Preju-Knits, Sunday Express, Northern and Shell Building, 10 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6EN. Five winners will be chosen at random on Friday, December 18. The Editor’s decision is final.…/fancy-knitting-Mansfield-Parker-…

A highly interesting comparison of P&P ’95 and ’05


    Start Date: Wednesday, May 11 (4 meetings) 12:30-2:30pm
    Location: Lexington Community Education Conference Room
    Instructor: Tracy Marks, M.A. Tuition: $72 ($54 for seniors)

    Whether you have read Pride and Prejudice or have only watched a film version, you are likely to enjoy Jane Austen’s ironic humor and appreciate how her characters struggle with obstacles in love. This mini-course will begin with an introduction to life in Georgian and Regency England, particularly in regard to family, romance, and marriage. Our focus, however, will be on reading and discussing Pride and Prejudice, as well as viewing and comparing brief excerpts from several of the film versions. We will pay special attention to the process of courtship in the novel, and how the main characters gain self-awareness as a result of conflict. Ample handouts will be provided. Please read the first 15 chapters before the first class. Recommended edition: The Annotated Pride and Prejudice (First Anchor Books, 2007). Class will meet in the Lexington Community Education Conference Room at 146 Maple Street.

    tel: 781 862 8043 |

    Tracy Marks, has an M.A. in the teaching of English from Tufts University, has been teaching continuing education courses for 41 years, and teaching Jane Austen courses for 8 years. Her Austen specialty is Pride and Prejudice, she is in the process of completing a Pride and Prejudice-based novel, and she has conducted a Pride and Prejudice tour of England. Tracy has also been leading intensive book discussion groups since 1998, has authored several editions of four psychology-related books, and is a licensed psychotherapist who lends her in-depth psychological understanding to her study of literary characters.


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