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5/3 May Days

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I hate to disagree with Curtis Sittenfeld but Longbourn is a terrible book in my view…so very crude and rude! Plus the author goes out of her way to show Lizzy and more importantly to me…Jane in a negative light. I thought the movie for The Jane Austen Book Club was much much better than the book. The book goes way way off into strange angles. Completing my negative review(sorry!!)…The Marriage Plot only ok…at best. Austen really doesn’t figure too much and if Cape Cod hadn’t appeared in book…I’d drop my rating from 3 to 2. Lol, glad to see it on this list, however, given the critical comments about it’s selection for us(a great suggestion by Karen, not me). And…started and finished Eligible yesterday into today. Truly a mixed bag for me. Nearly as crude as the disgusting Longbore…some interesting new paths(unlike the previous Modern Austen Project books, for me the NA one has been the best one)…very funny in spots…although she gets some “challenges” Jane is treated well…”Liz” is not all that likable…2.75. -Kirk

All Things Jane Austen
April 27 at 11:14pm ·
Have read any of these books? What are your suggestions? Have you read ) Curtis Sittenfeld’s book Ellegible (Pride & Prejudice variation)?

Good Minds Suggest: Curtis Sittenfeld’s Favorite Books for Pride and Prejudice Lovers
Her Favorite Books for Pride and Prejudice Lovers: I am all astonishment! The author of Eligible, a cheeky retelling of Jane Austen’s classic, offers five perfect…

“It is probable that if Miss Cassandra Austen had had her way we should have had nothing of Jane Austen’s except her novels. To her elder sister alone did she write freely; to her alone she confided her hopes and, if rumour is true, the one great disappointment of her life; but when Miss Cassandra Austen grew old, and the growth of her sister’s fame made her suspect that a time might come when strangers would pry and scholars speculate, she burnt, at great cost to herself, every letter that could gratify their curiosity, and spared only what she judged too trivial to be of interest.” -Virginia Woolf pgs 15-16 “Jane Austen: A Collection of Critical Essays” Edited by Ian Watt



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