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5/10 Happy Mother’s Day(+two days)

“Though Marianne imagines that she is more sensitive than others, all Austen’s characters are affected by weather. The wisest among them acknowledge this while being able to separate out the moods of nature from their own. Practical, well-balanced Emma Woodhouse struggles melancholically through a long summer night of storms. Her sadness has a separate source from the weather, but ‘the weather added what it could of gloom’. In the sunshine next morning she goes out ‘seeking serenity’, hoping that the weather will improve her mood. Mr Knightley arrives with the blue sky, they talk urgently in what is explicitly a clearing of the air, and Emma goes back indoors in an ‘exquisite flutter of happiness’. Emma’s mind is not governed by weather(she is far too self-contained for that), but she is perfectly aware of how the weather ‘adds what it can’ to her changing spirits”. -pg 281 “Weatherland: Writers & Artists Under English Skies” by Alexandra Harris

The Mount
May 4 at 12:11pm ·
Enjoy this lovely look at Wharton’s home from Apartment Therapy!

Literary Design: A Look at Edith Wharton’s Home ‘The Mount’
I think you always feel a certain connection with your favorite writers, and I feel a particular kinship with Edith Wharton. Besides being an accomplished novelist…

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