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5/31 On the cusp of June….

Had them all!!!!!! ‪#‎sugarcoma‬

While waiting for the Love and Friendship movie to start, I had some fun on twitter. I saw the Folger’s post below and….
Folger Library @FolgerLibrary
Assistant Secretary Lear ‪#‎ScaleBackABook‬
Volume the quarter #ScaleBackaBook
Logical and Emotional #scalebackabook
The History of Chawton #ScaleBackABook
Unconvinced #ScaleBackABook
Love and unknown people #ScaleBackABook
Lady S #ScaleBackABook
Northanger Folly #ScaleBackABook
Kidsfield Park #ScaleBackABook
Em #ScaleBackABook
Slight Pride and very little prejudging #ScaleBackABook

Found via All Things Jane Austen:…/jane-austen-fans-are-sick-of-h…/

9 Things Jane Austen Fans Are Sick of Hearing
“Her characters are too boring and proper.”

Highly esteem JAFF author Jack Caldwell says there’s no humor to S&S 08(notice they are both smiling!). This scene proves him wrong! As much as I love S&S 95, I just don’t see Hugh Grant pulling this one off like Dan Stevens did. -Kirk

As you can tell, I love love love this page!!!


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