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6/7 June Jane…/01/giveaway-and-guest-blog-post/

Giveaway and Guest Blog Post!
We’re excited to be starting a series of guest posts and giveaways on Tabby Cow today in the run up to the publication of The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen. As you can tell from the bo…

Babblings of a Bookworm : Planned Reading for June 2016

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Christina Boyd
June 1 at 3:48pm ·
So I made this on my iPhone while waiting in doctor’s waiting room. I guess my book is going to be called “The Musings of The Gatekeeper & Miss Elizabeth.” Interesting, considering there is no Miss Elizabeth in that story.…/love-and-friendship-and-the-enduri…/

“Love and Friendship” and the Enduring Appeal of Jane Austen
As long as the pursuit of love and happiness on your own terms remains a challenge, it appears to be “a truth universally acknowledged” that Jane Austen…

I’ve been and it’s lovely! It’s only a couple of miles from a train station….. -Kirk

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I don’t quite agree overall but…..…/article_ce0d1c8d-ebc0-55ce-…


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