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6/13 The 13th of June…/why-old-books-smell-s…/1669

Why Old Books Smell So Darn Good
Like a fine wine, books only get better with age


Harry Potter and Sense and Sensibility (parody)
Sorry, I was bored. I made this video only because there are a lot of actors who acted both in Harry Potter and in Sense and Sensibility, like Alan…

I like this list! Can’t agree about #5’s comment about “lighthearted” arguments about heroines. We almost didn’t have a 2nd meeting after the uncalled for attacks on Marianne Dashwood! Thank goodness Corrie was with me in defending Marianne. Team Marianne!!!!!!…/162668-jane-austen-fans-have-defini…

Jane Austen Fans Have Definitely Had These 8 Arguments Before
Jane Austen fans are pretty much infamous for being hardcore about their love of Jane Austen’s novels. Any Jane Austen inspired work, whether it’s a movie, book,…

A teen reviews Lady Susan!…/…/lady-susan-jane-austen-review

Lady Susan by Jane Austen – review
Popcornapple: ‘Lady Susan is shortest and least known novel of Austen’s and was written in 1794 but not published till 1875 after her death’

I loved rereading this book recently and Book Two as well. -Kirk…/george-knightley-esquire-by-bar…/

“George Knightley, Esquire: Charity Envieth Not,” By Barbara Cornthwaite/ A Review & Giveaway
Can a retelling of “Emma” from Mr. Knightley’s point of view deliver similar delights as Austen’s own story?…



  1. The parody is really fun!


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