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6/29 Two plus weeks in review….

Many have seen this already but…..This page expresses no opinions on the subject….although it has many opinions….

Bill Maher
June 24 at 9:06pm ·
Final ‪#‎Brexit‬ tally is in: 48% Sense and Sensibility, 52% Pride and Prejudice.

Persuasion, Captain Wentworth, and Cracklin’ Cornbread – Mary Jane Hathaway + GIVEAWAY!!!–a-visit-with-karen
Keep calm people!!!! From a tongue in cheek letter………..
“I took the chair last week at an extraordinary general meeting of the Genuine Friends of Jane Austen – not to be confused with all the other bodies purporting to be admirers of that author.
We met to discuss sending a message of solidarity to the Brontë Society, which has been suffering lately from a bad case of infighting.
The police were called , but were not admitted after they failed to name four Jane Austen novels.
Difficulties arose when we debated the wording of the motion and whether it should say that we “hold out the hand of friendship” or “salute” or “take note of”. For some reason this turned into a vote of no confidence in my chairmanship. I was called a crypto-Dickensian and an Arts Council lackey and I was accused of adopting a disrespectful tone when reading out the agenda. I vacated the chair, but my successor could not be agreed upon, so the rest of the meeting was chaired by an empty chair.
The usual dispute between the Modernisers and the Traditionalists was complicated this time by the arrival of the Purists, who are the most fanatical faction and are led by Mrs Windscale, the manageress of the gift shop. You need to know that she has fallen out with Mr Perkins, the Moderniser who does the teas.
(Mr Perkins, apparently, made an uncalled-for remark about Sense and Sensibility.)
Two members, who had come to the meeting dressed as Mr Darcy, each raised a point of order calling on the other one to be barred and, when told they could not raise points of order from the floor, went out and shouted through the window. At this point the whole of the executive committee abruptly resigned, complaining that they were not appreciated. Someone tried to read out the minutes of the last 17 meetings and something was thrown; I think it was a cake stand of the type that Jane Austen may have used. The police were called , but were not admitted after they failed to name four Jane Austen novels. After a vote of no-confidence in the empty presiding chair, we managed to adjourn the meeting until next week in the pub car park at 11 pm.”…/no-sense-or-sensibility-from-…/

Happy Bday Brad!!!!!

Austen at the Seaside: Jane Visits Sidmouth

Austen at the Seaside: Jane Visits Sidmouth
Summer is here! Time for days at the beach with lots of sun, sand, and romance. That’s our theme in June, so grab your sunblock and join your favourite…

This one might have been posted before. However, I saw on Isabelle’s FB page and it’s too good not to share again….…/love-and-friendship-unserious-aus…/

Unserious Austen
Trying to examine Whit Stillman’s Love & Friendship, our definitions like adaptation or rewrite become faintly anachronistic, or clumsy. Stillman’s cinematic innovation has been to bathe cinema in a literary tone, a charmed artificiality. Now he has…

My first three Austen’s works! I saw S&S three times in the movie theaters.



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