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7/10 Euro final edition….

“The Books from Winton are all unpacked & put away;-the Binding has compassed them most conveniently, & there is now very good room in the Bookcase for all that we wish to have there.” -JA to Cassandra 10/27-28/1798

I love the novella! Edith Wharton has some good ones too.…/small-is-beautiful-from-jane…

From Jane Austen to George RR Martin: the novella is back
Small but perfectly formed: the novella is back. The slim little sister of your regular novel, a novella is usually defined as coming in under 50,000 words. But any long…

A new Jane Bio for 2017. All I want is a 1hr PBS adaptation of “The History of England”. Paging Rebecca Eaton and Andrew Davies!!!!…/at-home-with-jane-…/

At Home – with Jane & Lucy
2017 – the bicentennial of Jane Austen’s death – will see a *new* biography published by none other than Lucy Worsley. We all know Worsley’s work from her many TV specials &…

An excellent review of my favorite Austen adaptation! -Kirk…/movie-review-emma-09-wi…

Along the Brandywine: Movie Review: Emma ‘09 with Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller – BBC
Classics, period dramas, culture, daily chores, and a bit of all the rest of the rich gifts lavishly bestowed on us by our good and gracious King

Papa De Courcy does not approve…….
“You must be sensible that as an only son, and the representative of an ancient family, your conduct in life is most interesting to your connections; and in the very important concern of marriage especially, there is everything at stake-your own happiness, that of your parents, and the credit of your name.” -Lady Susan



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