Posted by: rearadmiral | July 24, 2016

7/24 “A State of Inelegance” week in review

I must admit that I didn’t know it was in the National Portrait Gallery when I visited there several years ago. I turned a corner…and there it was!!!!! -Kirk
Visiting Jane Austen’s Portrait in London

Simon Garfield writes(also interviews) about John Mullan’s fantastic book “What Matters in Jane Austen?”….
“But the most surprising thing about the book is that there is hardly anything in it about letters. There is a small section on Robert Martin’s strategic misjudgment in proposing to Harriet Smith by letter in Emma, thus stirring the novel’s plot and giving Miss Smith ample time to mull things over and refuse him(had he just come out and asked her directly, she probably would have said yes).”
-pgs 213-214 Simon Garfield “To the Letter: A Celebration of the Lost Art of Letter Writing” in the chapter “Why Jane Austen’s Letters Are so Dull(and Other Postal Problems Solved”



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