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8/7 Olympic sized week in review…/article_b7727bf6-c618-5c75-b43b-b…

Will Travel for Food: Will Travel for Food: What would Jane (Austen that is) eat?
As a Jane Austen fan, I was happy to interview Stephanie Barron, author of 13 Jane Austen mysteries including her most recent Jane and the Waterloo Map and Jane…

Happy Bday Romola!

” “The Girl from Summer Hill” introduces a small Virginia town, the residents and history. It’s written by Jude Deveraux, who has 43 New York Times bestsellers to her name and who penned the recent Nantucket Brides romance series.
Chef Casey Reddick has arrived in the small town to serve as the caterer for a local theater adaption of “Pride and Prejudice.” She makes pies that are works of art, with fresh berries piled atop a golden custard; with meringue high enough to make a pillow; with six fruits laid out in an artistic pattern; with a rolled up crust with apricots and almonds. Mmmm.
Two Hollywood actors are also set to perform in the play. Sparks fly. I told you this was a romance. But it’s a fun read, too, as the play mirrors real life in the charming setting. It’s an interesting homage to Jane Austen on two levels. It’s also the story of healing.
The food is central to the beginning of the novel but by the end, it’s about much more. It’s fluffy like whipped cream but just as yummy.”…/food-summer-reading-that…

Food: Summer reading that’s deliciously thrilling
Barbara Ross, Sarah Vaughan and Jude Deveraux have cooked up books that mix food and who-done-its

I’m going to cheat and take the nearest Austen book(no surprise, right?) and also not use the 5th sentence but this one….
“How can you,” said xoxoxoxo, laughing, “be so-” she had almost said, strange.
Take the closest book to you; go to page 56; copy the fifth sentence as your status. Don’t mention the book. Post these rules as part of your status.
It’s national book week.…/lady-susan-the-most-unlikely-…/

Lady Susan: the Most Unlikely Heroine
I promised you something about the newest Jane Austen adaptation: Love and Friendship, based on one of her lesser works known as Lady Susan. But first I…

From Prada to Nada: making a case for working class Spanish-American culture?
Nora-Elinor (Camille Belle) and Mary-Marianne (Alexa Vega) in their aunt’s house in East L.A. (From Nada…


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