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10/15 The Ides of Oct.

More info from a comment…
From Mara Barbuni:
Hello! As the author of the original post, I would like to specify that the title of the literary review of JASIT (Jane Austen Society of Italy) is “Due pollici d’avorio”. This magazine is published thrice a year in digital format and once a year in a one-volume paper edition. I am the Editor in Chief and the next issue (15th October) will feature an article of mine in which this new graphic novel by Manuela Santoni is presented. Thanks for sharing!

From Bingley’s Teas:
This time last year we unveiled the new book boxes! 7 yrs ago we debuted my Jane Austen tea line at the Portland AGM. It’s a journey of hills and valleys. Thank you to all who have shown support and enthusiasm for our Tea, chosen with care, and the little idea brought to life in hope others would find some joy in it too. 💕

I watched the 25+ minutes posted and found it charming. Lol, I approve of the Jane and Elizabeth in it. And I wonder if anyone else thinks that Mr Darcy looks a little like Mr Thornton(Richard Armitage) in North and South 2004?………

From Annie!!!

October 10 at 8:00am ·
Happy Bday Dan Stevens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another great find from Author Jane Odiwe!
From Jane Odiwe:
More fascinating research from Ellie Bennett on the Rice portrait!…/a-kentish-neigh…


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