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11/18 Brighton, MP, and other places week in review……/planning-a-regency-ba…/

Planning a Ball – Random Bits of Fascination
What did planning a ball in Jane Austen’s day require?

A wonderful quote that Christina Angel Boyd shared:
“You want nothing but patience; or give it a more fascinating name: call it hope.” SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, Jane Austen
Photos selected to go with the wonderful quote by AiB management.

Found via JASNA-North Texas…/…/11/10/2017-literary-travel/…

Jane Austen takes centre stage for England’s Year of Literary Heroes
Fans of literary travel take note; 2017 could be the perfect year to finally explore England’s rich bookish history.

Jane Austen takes centre stage for England’s Year of Literary Heroes

Good literature is good literature. Calling Austen “chick lit” is like saying a book like The Killer Angels a “guy book” just because it’s about the Civil War.” -from the blog Amatopia…/book-review-mansfield-par…/

Book Review: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
Another book finished in my read-through of the works of Jane Austen, that famous British author known for her tales of romance that were simultaneously good entertainment and critiques and comment…

LOL!!!! Despite what others on this page feel, I have adored Love and Friendship twice!!! -Kirk

“You have the wise-beyond-her-years Eleanor, the passionate Marianne, the conniving Lucy Steele, the rakish will be, the moody Edward, the solemn Colonel Brandon, the Dashwood girl’s somewhat foolish but loving mother, the matchmaking Mrs. Jennings, and the girls’ upwardly mobile half-brother John and his judgmental, insincere wife Fanny. Oh, and there’s also the youngest Dashwood sister, Margaret, but she really do much of anything. If she pulled a middle-sister from Family Matters and walked up the stairs in an early chapter, never to return, nobody would notice.” -Amatopia blog…/book-review-sense-and-sen…/

Book Review: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
Jane Austen is chick lit. Yeah, I know. So the next question is: Why is such a manly man of manliness like me reading this Let’s get the manly credentials out of…



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