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12/9 December snow…week in review

Found via author Nicole Clarkston!
Lol, although many questions were ones clearly not designed for me…I got Elinor Dashwood….which is kinda funny since I’m Team Marianne! -Kirk…

Who’s your Jane Austen Bestie?
Ever wondered which character from Jane Austen’s world you should be best friends with? Would you be the spirited Marianne, the sensible Anne, or maybe the witty Elizabeth? Take this quiz to find out!

A Field Guide to British Christmas Dining
If you’re new to England this Christmas, have found yourself visiting family in the U.K. or are simply looking to decode some terms from your favourite British Christmas movies, use this handy guide to help you navigate your way around the…

“But all this brings me to the time, the two years before my marriage & the two or three years after, during which we lived, as you know almost close to Chawton, when I had my greatest share of intimacy with Aunt Jane – The original 17 years between us seeming reduced to 7 – or nothing-
It was my amusement during one summer visit to procure
novels from a circulating Library at Alton, & after running them
over to relate the stories of them to Aunt Jane, it was her amusement also….& greatly we both enjoyed it & so did Aunt C. assuredly & in her quiet way with one piece of nonsense leading to another she wd. exclaim How can you both be so foolish! & entreat us not to make her laugh so much…” – pg 160

“The bathing machines were drawn up high on the beach: the doors of the Library were closed, Mrs. Whitby had retired into private life, & scarcely a change of novels could be effected by Miss Beaufort, or any other young Lady in need of similar consolation.” -Anna Austen Lefroy pg 50, “Jane Austen’s Sanditon: A Continuation by Her Niece”

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La mia vita da Janeite
December 5 at 3:15am ·
Buongiorno, Janeites e buon inizio settimana con zia Jane 😉
Vostre ecc. ecc. & Jen

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