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12/18 Week in review….

Thank you, Karen and Byron, for hosting! And Kirk for organizing the book exchange, Marianne for the Austen mad-libbing, Rachel for the violin music, and everyone for the good eats and even better company.

Where I collect just a few(cough!) more than my usual ‘three very dull things indeed’ Jane Austen birthday wishes!

For Jane’s Bday, with my love:
“Jane’s Marriage”
Jane went to Paradise:
That was only fair.
Good Sir Walter followed her,
And armed her up the stair.
Henry and Tobias,
And Miguel of Spain,
Stood with Shakespeare at the top
To welcome Jane –
Then the Three Archangels
Offered out of hand
Anything in Heaven’s gift
That she might command.
Azrael’s eyes upon her,
Raphael’s wings above,
Michael’s sword against her heart,
Jane said: “Love.”
Instantly the under-
Standing Seraphim
Laid their fingers on their lips
And went to look for him.
Stole across the Zodiac,
Harnessed Charles’s Wain,
And whispered round the Nebulae
“Who loved Jane?”
In a private limbo
Where none had thought to look,
Sat a Hampshire gentleman
Reading of a book.
It was called Persuasion
And it told the plain
Story of the love between
Him and Jane.
He heard the question,
Circle Heaven through –
Closed the book and answered: “I did – and do!”
Quietly but speedily
(As Captain Wentworth moved)
Entered into Paradise
The man Jane loved!
Jane lies in Winchester, blessed be her shade!
Praise the Lord for making her, and her for all she made.
And while the stones of Winchester – or Milson Street – remain,
Glory, Love, and Honour unto England’s Jane!
Poems – Jane’s Marriage
Poems – Jane’s Marriage

Margaret C. Sullivan
December 16 at 12:02am ·
It’s Jane Austen’s 241st birthday today. Please be upstanding and lift your beverage of choice in a toast to an authoress whose work has endured for two centuries after her death. That is an accomplishment indeed. It is our custom for birthday posts to imagine a gift that we would like to give Jane for her birthday. It’s cold tonight at AustenBlog World Headquarters (though… [ 116 more words ]…/…/16/happy-birthday-jane-austen-10

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!
It’s Jane Austen’s 241st birthday today. Please be upstanding and lift your beverage of choice in a toast to an authoress whose work has endured for two centuries after her death. That …

Note the giveaway…..…/a-giveaway-for-jane-austens…/

A Giveaway for Jane Austen’s Birthday
In honor of Jane Austen’s birthday, we are giving away five copies of the recently published essay collection…

Jane Austen Literacy Foundation
December 15 at 11:17pm ·
Happy Birthday Jane!

Pride & Possibilities Editor, Emily Prince, celebrates the 241st anniversary of Jane Austen’s birth, with a fascinating look at Jane’s birthdays. Did you know that Emma was announced for publication on 16th December 1815, Jane’s 40th birthday? Jane must have been disappointed when the publisher was late – it didn’t appear until the 23rd!…/2016/12/16/issue-5-happy-birthday…

Issue 5: Happy Birthday Jane
Emily Prince explores the highlights and lowlights of Jane’s birthdays in her lifetime

Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club shared Linda Santia Frost’s photo.
Published by Kirk Companion · December 15 at 5:39pm ·

‎Linda Santia Frost‎ to The Jane Austen Picture Wall


Below are lines from one of our Dearest Jane’s novel. Which novel is it and WHO is feeling quite wretched?? 🤔🤔🤔

” Bitterly did he deplore a deficiency which now he could scarcely comprehend to have been possible. Wretchedly did he feel, that with all the cost and care of an anxious and expensive education, he had brought up his daughters without their understanding their first duties, or his being acquainted with their character and temper.”

Famous Inboxes: Anne Elliot
No prizes for guessing whose mails get starred as important

Lydia Bennet’s email inbox
18th November 2016

One of the best endings to an Austen adaptation! -Kirk


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