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12/23 Happy Bday Emma week in review

Emma in the Snow

This is in Boston next month!
The Food of “Downton Abbey”: Cook Like Mrs Patmore! – Boston Center for Adult Education
Fig & Stilton Salad with Port Wine Dressing Chicken Lyonnaise Scones Cottage Pie Pimms Cup Like the rest of us, you’re obsessed with the show, and your mouth waters every time the Granthams sit down for a meal. Come join our own Mrs Patmore & Daisy rolled into one, Genevieve Forde, as you get hands-…

Kate Beckinsale: ‘Austen’s Lady Susan is like Emma on steroids’
Her second collaboration with Walt Stillman in Love & Friendship has brought her the best reviews of her career

Found via author Maria Grace….…/sorting-jane-austen-…/

Sorting Jane Austen Characters Into Hogwarts Houses: The Definitive Guide
images by Katherine Makowky You love Jane Austen. You love Harry Potter. So why not sort your favorite Austen characters into Hogwarts houses? I could not come…

“In addition to writing essays on her novels, students discuss the modern fan culture surrounding Jane Austen: how it changes perceptions of her writings, how today’s fans differ from earlier “Janeites,” and the sometimes tense relationship between Austen scholars and Austen adulators.”
“Her 2000 edited collection, Janeites: Austen’s Disciples and Devotees, argues that “there are more productive things to do” with the adaptations, reviews, rewritings, and appreciations of Austen that have accumulated in nearly two centuries than merely adjudicate between “faithful and unfaithful” readings.”
“Yet Lynch is no uncritical fan of fans. She looks with a cool professional detachment at fan love, and at the readings and misreadings that spring from its ardent flames. Her scholarly interest in fans and readers speaks to a fascination with the power they have wielded over literature since the dawn of mass print and consumer culture—not as merely passive receivers, but as dynamic forces in the literary world. Much of her published work seems driven by twinned sympathy and skepticism: she knows what it’s like to love a piece of literature, but is unconvinced that love is always a straightforward or good thing.”…/feelings-ought-to-be-investiga…

“Feelings Ought to Be Investigated”
Deidre Lynch on the cult of Jane Austen and the complexities of loving literature

Found via Ceri Tanti! It is online for the US at BBC 4 radio player. I’m up to Episode 5 and find it highly diverting! Minor changes here and there but it has the true spirit of the book.

Episode 1, Northanger Abbey, 15 Minute Drama – BBC Radio 4
Jane Austen’s satire on all things Gothic with Miriam Margolyes.



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