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1/27 Happy Bday Rosamund!!!!

The happiest of bdays to dearest dearest Rosamund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to her new movie ‘A United Kingdom’. -Kirk

“Written between 27 January and 18 March 1817, and abandoned a few months before her death, Sanditon goes further in the direction announced by Persuasion, convincingly suggesting that Jane Austen’s art had not reached the end of its trajectory when her life came to its premature end” -pg 210 Alistair M Duckworth “The Improvement of the The Estate: A Study of Jane Austen’s Novels”

My first Austen experience…that I remember(I saw it three times in the theater!). Perhaps Rickman and Grant’s performances(although I now prefer Dan Stevens ’08 Edward) are why I rank Col Brandon and Edward higher than most people. -Kirk

The Making of Jane Austen
Yesterday at 11:45am ·
On 26 January 1996, Ang Lee’s film Sense and Sensibility, with its Oscar-winning screenplay by Emma Thompson, had its US release. The Making of Jane Austen’s Devoney Looser had the pleasure of writing about the film’s impact last year in The Atlantic.

‘Sense and Sensibility’ and Jane Austen’s Accidental Feminists
In Emma Thompson’s Oscar-winning screenplay, Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant star as heroes who embrace women’s desires and well-being.

As the only male in two Austen bookclubs, I greatly admire Grigg……..-Kirk

“Jane Austen’s novels all reflect her view that physical health was essential to female beauty. Marianne Dashwood and Catherine Morland with their fondness for the open air, and even more the lively, agile Elizabeth Bennet, are in keeping with this kind of attraction….In none of the heroines, however, is the ideal of vital beauty realized so fully as in Emma. Mrs. Weston says of her: ‘There is health not merely in her bloom but in her air, her head, her glance. One hears sometimes of a child being ‘the picture of health’; now Emma always gives me the idea of being the complete picture of grown-up health. She is loveliness itself.’ ” -pg 303 Elizabeth Jenkins “Jane Austen”

This looks a little like Lizzy Bennet Diaries lovely Laura Spencer….

From the oddest Austen Adaptation……..

“Jane Austen: Portrait of a Lady: 1 p.m. Feb. 4. In 2017, the 200th anniversary of her death, Jane Austen will appear on both the two pound coin and the 10 pound note. The only female to feature more prominently on British currency is Queen Elizabeth II, one of the most recognizable faces in the world. But what did Jane Austen, the most famous female writer in the world, actually look like? Austen’s face throughout two centuries has, like the writer herself, been reticent. “Jane Austen: Portrait of a Lady” will look at the few possible portraits of the writer that exist and examine their authenticity. Only two by her sister, Cassandra, have the stamp of authority yet give little detail. Other portraits, some discovered very recently, are more detailed, but are they accurate? Examine copies of them yourself and help answer the question, “What did Jane Austen look like?” Presented by professor Price Grisham. Funded by the Friends. Free.” Hamilton-Wenham PL

“To wonder what Jane Austen really was like is speculatively and tentatively to initiate the structure of identification and complementarity and difference that is friendship. Would she have liked me? Was she like me? Would she have challenged me or scared? shopped with me? found me too much? would I have liked those things? would she? Is it possible she was writing to me?”
-pg 45 “Janeites: Austen’s Disciples and Devotees” Edited by Deidre Lynch…from the essay ‘Jane Austen’s Friendship’ by Mary Ann O’Farrell


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