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3/3 March Janeness

Deborah Barnum shared a link to the group: Jane Austen in Vermont – JASNA Vermont Region.
Yesterday at 11:33am ·
For those of you in Boston!

Wheel of Austen [03/03/17]
According to Wheel of Austen creators Michelle Boncek and John Herman, audiences will watch Boston’s top comedians bring a new Jane Austen-inspired novel to life as classic characters encounter new…

Found via Ginny Boxall:…/austenesque-novel-finds-feb…

Austenesque Novel Finds – February 2017 – Austenesque Reviews
February went fast, didn’t it? Even with a few less days in the month there still was an abundance of new Austenesque books published this last month!…

Austentatious Library shared The Jane Austen Centre, Bath’s photo.
The noble Margaret Dashwood on defending a sister’s honor ❤ Miss Katie

"Northanger Abbey is a good point of departure, because of the boldness with which it flaunts its burlesque intention. The pattern of its burlesque element, however, is by no means simple. Though it is not subtly interwoven with the rest of the fabric, it is elaborately and ingeniously contrived.
It presents itself with a deceptive air of simplicity and broad, bold humour". -pg 59 Mary Lascelles "Jane Austen and her art"


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