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3/26 End of March Janeness…with much Fairfax

Perhaps this is a great overreach on my part…but…..I’ve always tried to relate this song to Jane Austen….and I think I’m way way off. The previous post from La mia vita da Janeite makes me think Jane Fairfax! Certainly the first verse? And I love the “…a cat and a mouse” line. -Kirk
“Jane” by Jefferson Starship
Jane, you say it’s all over for you and me, girl
There’s a time for love and a time for letting it be, baby
Jane you’re playing a game called, hard to get by its real name
Making believe that you just don’t feel the same
Oh Jane
That’s a game on me
Jane, you’re playing a game you never can win, girl
You’re staying away just so I’ll ask you where you’ve been, baby
Like a cat and a mouse (cat and a mouse)
From door to door and house to house
Don’t you pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about
Were all those nights we spent together, hey hey
Only because you didn’t know better
I gotta know
Jane you’re playing a game, you’re playing a game, playing a game
Oh Jane, you’re playing a game of hide and go seek
Jane, you’re playing for fun but I play for keeps, yes I do
(Jane, Jane, Jane) That’s a game on me baby
(Jane, Jane, Jane) So plain to see girl
(Jane, Jane, Jane) Janey, Janey, Janey, Janey, Janey
(Jane, Jane, Jane) Why you fooling with me, me, me oh
(Jane, Jane, Jane)
(Jane, Jane, Jane)
(Jane, Jane, Jane)
(Jane, Jane, Jane)

I dearly love this adaptation, indeed it is my favorite Austen adaptation. However, this version of Jane Fairfax maybe the least successful of the three. However, there are some very nice Emma/Jane moments that the shorter adaptations probably don’t provide(I can’t remember, rewatch time!!!). I really feel for Jane and what a perfect counterbalance to Emma. Sisters of different mothers! -Kirk

Found via Mystia Carr:

might do this. I enjoyed many of the non-Zombie scenes. The DVD to arrived from the PL….I wish there was a non-Zombie cut! -Kirk

Found via Devoney Looser:
Great, galloping Jane Austen essay by Freya Johnston in Prospect.…/jane-austen-galloping-g…

Jane Austen: Galloping girl | Prospect Magazine
Tory or radical, prude or saucepot—there have been many Jane Austens down the ages. But her genius lies in dramatising the thrilling risks of living at breakneck speed

“…Austen’s most technically masterful work manages to be at once an exercise in romantic wish-fulfillment and a critical study of romantic wishes, a supremely accomplished early nineteenth-century novel and a skeptical exploration of just how much novels can and cannot accomplish.”
pg1 “Emma: An Annotated Edition. Edited by Bharat Tandon” The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

While I generally try to steer clear of current politics, even relating to Jane Austen, since this conversation is local I decided to share it. It runs about 19 minutes. Odd, really odd and strange thing…I first listened to this one my phone….it cut off at the….18.17 mark!!!! Weird!! -Kirk…/21/why-alt-right-obsessed-jane-austen

Why Is The Alt-Right Obsessed With Jane Austen
Harvard Business School historian joined Boston Public Radio to talk about the legacy of Jane Austen

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The Making of Jane Austen

Jane Austen wrote her last known lines of fiction 200 years ago today, in the unfinished work we now call Sanditon. The story opens with a carriage accident. It ends with the date March 18:

“I rounded the last bend in the lane, and there was the church, as idyllic and romantic as anyone could wish.
St. Nicholas, Steventon, had stood since Norman times and so boasted a square tower that had been topped by a Victorian steeple long after Jane Austen’s day.” -pg 52 Beth Pattillo “The Dashwood Sisters tell all” Guideposts, NY
“These lovely notecards were Designed exclusively for Austentation, by the artist, Julie Caprera. The scene is St. Nicholas Church, Steventon on “Christmas …”

Another one found via The Jane Austen Picture Wall:

“Interesting” choices. Found via The Jane Austen Picture Wall:…

The 15 Most Beautifully Written Sentences In Jane Austen Novels
If you’re a fan of Jane Austen (and honestly, isn’t most every book lover?) then you already know the 19th century novelist wrote more than beautiful love stories…

Dan Stevens has organised an impromptu Downton Abbey reunion: ‘Look who I ran into!’

“Jane Austen had probably seen Farnham Castle, in Surrey, and perhaps had it in mind for Osborne Castle, the home of the Osborne family, whom Emma Watson meets at the ball at the White Hart Inn.” pg 226 Deirdre Le Faye “Jane Austen: The World of Her Novels”
“As she liked the name Emma, she evidently felt it would be a pity to abandon it along with the uncompleted tale(The Watsons -AiB), and so used it for a different heroine ten years later.” pg 227, Ibid
Painting by Judy Joel.



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