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3/31 Marching out like a Jane lion…

Very well done indeed…

Getting your Austen eggs in one basket….

A happy Jane Fairfax is a divine sight! Right, Emma Woodhouse?


Knebworth House, Hertfordshire:

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Apparently from 1999 movie and not the book……/jane-austen-feminist-icon/

Jane Austen, Feminist Icon – Los Angeles Review of Books
The 200th anniversary of Mansfield Park and the 100th anniversary of the debate about Austen’s feminism.

(254) Austen of Horsmonden, Kippington House and Capel Manor
Austen of Horsmonden Austen is a common name in Kent, and a great deal of ink has been expended on trying to disentangle the origins of…

I know it’s not supposed to be completely location accurate…hahaha I didn’t know Persuasion takes place in Kent!

The Queen of Highbury!


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