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7/2 A 4th of Jane

Austentatious Library shared Jane Austen’s photo.
#GoodSaturday, #Janeites! After reading that quote, I wonder if that is why #JaneAusten made #HenryTilney the #MuslinNinja. 🤔 ❤️📚 — Miss Lydia
#AustentatiousLibrary #NorthangerAbbey…/…/6/23/issue-15-my-austen-library

Issue 15: My Austen Library
Hazel Mills talks about her Austen-inspired book collection and reveals some of her most treasured favourites.

Interesting Little Women/Austen mash-up. It certainly goes into some difficult subjects. Excellent ending! 3.5-3.75

Kirk’s review of Little Women in India
From Huffington Post 11/27/2012: “The Literary Mash-Up By Jane Nardin Jane Nardin is the author of Little Women in India ($10.99, New Dawn Publishers) Originally referring to music, the evocative term…


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