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9/1 Jane’s Labor(Labour -UK) Loves Found Week in Review
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August 27 at 4:40pm
Want to help Hurricane Harvey victims and have JAFF fun at the same time? Yes, it’s another Austen Variations fundraiser! Make a donation to get a cameo in one of our books or a writing critique, or buy a book whose royalties this week are going to Harvey relief. Check out the options!

Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey relief
Do you love JAFF and want to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey? Have we got a deal for you! Three of our authors are in Harvey’s path – Maria Grace in Houston, Jack Caldwell and Colette Saucier in Louisiana – so we’re donating…

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Maria Grace needs your help! Her new book, A Less Agreeable Man, is being released today, and she doesn’t have internet access because she’s in Houston. Normally she’d be spreading the word of the new release across the social media, but since she can’t this time, let’s all help her out by posting about her new book on Facebook and Twitter, putting it on our Goodreads ‘to be read’ shelf, etc. Thanks so much!

Launch day for A Less Agreeable Man!
It’s been quite an adventure getting this one to the finish line, with surgeries, travel and finally a natural disaster trying to hijack this book! Not kidding about that last one either. Hurricane Harvey lined up in the Gulf to hit us just as I was trying to upload all the ebook files! It st

Jane Austen’s “Invisible” Brother, a Guest Post from Elaine Owen
Earlier, Elaine Owen shared a post with us on people with disabilities during Jane Austen’s lifetime. Today, she tells us something of George Austen, the brother…

Austentatious Library
August 27 at 1:17pm ·
I too regret nothing. 📚📚📚
♥️📚 — Miss Lydia
#JaneAusten #AustentatiousLibrary #NorthangerAbbey #SenseAndSensibility #PrideAndPrejudice #Emma #MansfieldPark #Persuasion…


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