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12/16 Happy Bday Jane…past and present

‎Glenda Murphy‎ to Jane Austen-Centre:
Dear Jane, You are the reason I fell in love with classic British Literature! It is so refreshing to read books that aren’t loaded with vulgarity and violence. Except for the violence of emotions! Thank you for books that take the readers to a kinder, gentler, more civil time. Your stories will always be priceless and timeless! Happy birthday!!!

Pump Rooms and Gothic Terrors: How “Northanger Abbey” Came to Be

Happy birthday Jane Austen: her 12 famous male heroes ranked

Richard Jones shared his first post.
Hi and thanks for the add! My wife got me into Jane Austen and now several years later I have read all the books and seen most of the TV adaptations! I am lucky to say Iive in Hampshire so was able to see most of the Austen sites (the house museum, the Southampton Jane tour, her grave etc) so my collection of stuff relating to her has grown over the years. Me and my wife got married at the Dolphin Hotel in Southampton where Jane danced on her 18th birthday so as lovers of history and Austen we were both really happy with that!
Over the last few years I have come across loads of interesting Austen stuff so if people are happy I am more than willing to post photos and share things that I have.

DeDe Theal
Happy Birthday, Jane! We will be celebrating your day today!
Thank you for giving us Mr. Darcy and Captain Wentworth and Elizabeth Bennett and Colonel Brandon……

Friends of the Etna Public Library
Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!
Actors who have worked in the adaptations of Jane Austen’s books share their views on her –
Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy) – “I’d never read Jane Austen before I [played Mr Darcy] in Pride and Prejudice; she was a revelation. I went through every book and wished there were more.”
Gwyneth Paltrow (Emma) – “I had read Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, but not Emma. When I read it, I thought, It’s brilliant—and so funny and sweet. We’re so starved for that kind of material.”
Rupert Penry-Jones (Captain Wentworth) -“I loved playing Captain Wentworth because, beyond his social grace and charm, there’s a bitterness and sadness because the love of his life, Anne Elliot (played by Sally Hawkins), rejected him.”
Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet) – “The relationship between Mr. Bennet and Lizzie was always my favorite part of the book..”
Sally Hawkins (Anne Ellito) – “Jane Austen’s work is just phenomenal, and I devoured Persuasion. I hadn’t remembered how rich it was, and it is such a beautiful book. What is also so poignant about it is that she wrote it at the end of her life.”
Alan Rickman (Colonel Brandon) – “I happen to love Jane Austen. When I first read her work, it was that type of moment where you wanted to show it to people and tell them how beautiful it is.”

King Township Public Library shared BBC Britain’s video.
Happy Birthday Jane Austen 🎂 What better way to celebrate than deciding if you’d like to swipe right or left on these men? 🤔🤣
To check out her books

National Trust added 6 new photos — with Johnny Paulsen and Ruth Cobb.
December 16, 2015 ·
Happy Birthday Jane Austen! To celebrate, why not retrace the footsteps of some of Jane Austen’s most famous characters and discover the connections to some of our places:

8 hrs ·
It is a truth universally acknowledged that the book is always better than the movie. But on the anniversary of Jane Austen’s birth, we pick our favourite adaptations we can watch over and over.
#JaneAusten #Literature #Anniversary #Classics #Books #Reading

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen: 3 Book-To-Screen Adaptations We Will Always Love
On the author’s birth anniversary, we round up our favourite adaptations

Penguin Random House
December 15, 2016 ·
Happy Birthday, Jane Austen! Which beloved Jane Austen heroine are you? Take the quiz to find out:

Film & Serie TV
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Happy Birthday Jane Austen (16 December 1775 – 18 July 1817)

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Happy Birthday Jane Austen

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Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!
(I don’t usually use a comma there, but I daren’t bend the rules, considering the subject)

Vivienne Lorret
Happy birthday, Jane Austen ❤
Jane Austen’s birthday – Dec 16, 1775 –

Les confidences de miss Elody
Happy Birthday Jane Austen ❤

Half Baked Beans
Remembering the Authoress on her Birthday. #HappyBirthdayJaneAusten
Jane Austen lived in the age when feminism was a new stride taking over the world and its imprint can be easily seen in her literary works. She focused on feminine characters and societal norms in her stories that made us fall more in love with her characters and settings.
These books by Jane Austen are a must read for people from all generations, irrespective of their taste in literature.…/10-books-by-jane-austen-tha…/

Terri Thelin
Happy birthday, Jane Austen. Born in 1775, she wrote like she was running out of time. I'd like to request a Jane Austen musical, Mr. Miranda. The first song's opening line could be: "Seventeen. Suh-suh-suh 1775!"

Deb Marlowe
These are the reasons I wonder at least once a week: WHY DON'T I LIVE IN ENGLAND? Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

A Jane Austen Birthday Soirée
It's Jane Austen's 242nd birthday and in this 200th anniversary year, you are invited to a rather special party, attended by Miss Austen herself!The Mayor and Mayoress of Winchester and The Hampshire Regency Dancers welcome you to…

Shannon Winslow shared Donna Conticchio's post.
It's Jane Austen's 242nd birthday. How will you be celebrating? I'm going to a JASNA tea at the Meeker Mansion in Puyallup!

Joyce A. Scott: Man, she looks good for being 242 years old! 🙂 Wonder what kind of skin treatment she uses.


from the last two years….

Jane Austen Centre‏

We wanted to do something special to celebrate Jane Austen's birthday, so we asked Mr Knightley and Miss Bates to take us on a short tour of Bath. An amusing time was had by all… 😉

@VisitSomerset @Austenprose @JaneAustenLIVES @VisitBritain @VisitBath

Jane Austen's Zest‏
Following Following @JaneAustenKent

Happy Birthday to Jane Austen and thank you for all the pleasure you have given and are giving to the past and future generations


Het is Jane Austens verjaardag! Een mooi moment om dit Austen-jubileumjaar af te sluiten, vinden Anke Werker en…Translate from Dutch

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Jane Austen‏

242 years ago, our beloved Jane Austen was born. Never has a woman influenced our reading hearts and minds like Jane. For all of us here at Jane Austen Lives, we thank all her fans, our followers and most importantly Jane. We love you, most ardently.

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Portrait Gallery‏Verified account

Few English novelists have commanded such popular affection and critical respect as author #JaneAusten, born #OTD 1775. This frank sketch by her sister and closest confidante Cassandra is the only reasonably certain portrait from life. See it on display in Room 18 of the Gallery.
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Happy Birthday to #JaneAusten, who features on the #NewTenPoundNote. While Austen's literature is unlikely to go out of date anytime soon, your old £10 paper note will. Swap it before 2 March 2018.
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6h6 hours ago
🎂Happy birthday to the original obstinate, headstrong girl! 🎂🥂❤️ #JaneAusten #obstinateheadstronggirl

Greetings on Jane Austen's Birthday!
"We have now another girl, a present plaything for her sister Cassy and a future companion. She is to be Jenny…."

— Letter from Rev. George Austen to Mrs. Walter, December 17, 1775

Dear JASNA Members,

Jane Austen was born in Steventon, Hampshire, 242 years ago today.
Once again, JASNA sends you a gift to celebrate. On this occasion we release a new issue of the web journal, Persuasions On-Line, Vol. 38, No. 1.

This is the largest Persuasions On-Line JASNA has published. The articles selected for this issue of Persuasions On-Line represent some of the many breakout topics offered this year at the 2017 AGM. The poignant theme of the AGM, Jane Austen in Paradise: Intimations of Immortality, helped JASNA members commemorate the 200th anniversary of Austen's death. Among the articles, you will find the text of the conversation between Whit Stillman and Peter Graham. This issue also contains the Jane Austen Bibliography for 2016 to help you find even more to read among the many Austen-related publications released that year.

We are all grateful to the team that produced this gift: the contributing authors, Persuasions Editor Susan Allen Ford, the Persuasions Editorial Board,
JASNA Website Manager Iris Lutz, and Persuasions On-Line Production Assistant Carol Moss. More presentations from the Huntington Beach, CA, AGM will appear in Volume 39 of the printed journal Persuasions, which will be mailed to JASNA members in the spring.

Greetings and best wishes on this very special day!!

Claire Bellanti

Egypt Today Quote: Jane Austen
By: Egypt Today staff Sat, Dec. 16, 2017

CAIRO – 16 December 2017: Jane Austen is known as one of the greatest English authors to have published novels in the Georgian era. In celebration of her birthday we have gathered some quotes that have influenced her generation, ours and many more to come.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” – Jane Austen

Austen never put her own name down in the byline, in fear of what people may think, say regarding personal modesty and in order to remain ladylike.

“Sense and Sensibility” was her first novel, published in 1811; it became a huge success and a must read among the literary English. As it was published under the byline “By a Lady,” only a few of her family members knew that she was the true author behind it and the rest of her novels that followed.

“To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.” – Jane Austen

Aiming for her readers to change and improve themselves and the people around them, her books were her weapon in the fight against social norms and acceptance.

Representing realism, while starting social conversations, her romantic fiction story lines are for everyday life.

Some of her goals were for her readers to learn from their relationships to improve their selves and find balance; to judge people correctly not by looking at the others’ net worth or social status but based on their morals; to understand that money is not everything although it is important that one has financial stability while not letting the amount of it impress you; and lastly to not be snobbish and treat everyone as an equal.

” Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” – Jane Austen

Well educated and encouraged to be creative, Austen was the second daughter and seventh child of an Oxford-educated rector. Her brother Henry revealed to the world that Austen was the true author behind the novels after her death in 1817.

“Sense and Sensibility” was formerly known as “Elinor and Marianne”, “First Impressions” is now known as “Pride and Prejudice”, after Austen’s death her brother published “Susan” as “Northanger Abbey” and “The Brothers” as “Sanditon” and “Persuasion”.

“To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.” – Jane Austen
quote of the day


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