Posted by: rearadmiral | January 20, 2018

1/20 Mid-Jan Jane

Found via…and congrats to….Fancy That!!!! I believe that Corrie and Lily went recently and had a fantastic time.…/10-great-places-to-have-a-tea-party…/

I wildly adore these videos!

Elizabeth Bennett, Delightful Creature
A fun viral project for the Jane Austen Society of North America (Eastern Pennsylvania), made up of several 15-30…

Found via Cork Janeites….


  1. The dance event in Salem sounds like fun. I wish I could go. I do hope to join in your Persuasion discussion at Caffe Vittoria on Sunday. I don’t know if I have the get up and go but I will try. If I can find and unpack mini Jane Austen I will bring her and her mini book too.

    • Great! I hope it works out and you can make it. … Cheers, Kirk


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