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2/16 Post Valentine’s Day Jane

Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club shared JASNA Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho’s post.

JASNA Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho

A little humor to get you through the rest of Friday. If characters from “Pride and Prejudice” were on Facebook➡️Austenbook!!


Two great songs from the divine Hayley Westenra…one of which will feature in a “mushy” post in a couple of days.

Pride and Prejudice with music by Hayley Westenra
Video clips from the Universal Pictures production Pride and…

Great find by Corrie! Too bad the author refers to Austen’s time as Victorian. Eye-roll.…/…/2/9/jane-austen-retrospective/

‘Persuasion’ 200 Years Later: Persuading Others To Rethink Jane Austen | Arts | The Harvard Crimson
The book’s 200th anniversary seems as good a time as any to reflect on its brilliance and quiet power.

Found via Cork Janeites:


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