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3/20 4easter of Jane…with green…week in review

Found via Isabelle!

Jane Austen – Her Works and Her World

Pride and Prejudice: Darcy & Elizabeth Dance
Lizzy accepts a dance from Mr Darcy against her will and sparks fly as the reluctant couple try to ignore the sexual tension in the air.

From @The Jane Austen Tea Series from Bingley’s Teas, Ltd
As promised, the annual post of how to make authentic brown bread ( Irish Soda Bread). Don’t forget to leave your buttermilk out overnight but drink the tea while it’s hot!
How to make Irish soda bread (brown bread) – traditional
There are several recipes for Irish soda bread throughout Ireland. This one is plain and…

This video is mentioned in “Camp Austen” by Ted Scheinman I was glad he talked about it during his Q&A at the BPL(ok, I asked him to talk about it)

JASNA Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho is feeling delighted.
March 15 at 1:12pm ·
It might be time for “March Madness,” but over here we are celebrating “Jane Austen Madness!!” We have put together a bracket full of 64 of Jane Austen’s characters, matched up randomly.

Use the link below to fill out a bracket, picking your favorite character in each pairing until you reach a favorite champion. Click on a pairing if you can’t remember who someone is. The bracket will be open from 3/15/18-4/2/18 so you have some time to fill it out. You may vote more than once (if you care to!). On 2 April, we will announce who was voted our favorite character of this year’s “Jane Austen Madness!”

Please feel free to share the link and invite your fellow Janeites from near and far to participate. The more the merrier!

If you have questions about specific characters or how to fill out the bracket, please comment below or send us a message! We will post reminders to vote every so often.

Happy Jane Austen Madness!!

Margaret C. Sullivan

The title says it all–registration is open for the 2018 Jane Austen Day, “The Power of Persuasion,” in Philadelphia, though this time it is actually in the suburbs at the Merion Cricket Club in Haverford, a short drive or train ride away from downtown. The event has a great lineup of speakers, including Lynn Festa, Susannah Fullerton, Whit Stillman, and Juliette Wells, talking about all things… [ 91 more words ]…/registration-is-open-for-jane-aust…/

Registration is Open for Jane Austen Day 2018 in Philadelphia
The title says it all–registration is open for the 2018 Jane Austen Day, “The Power of Persuasion,” in Philadelphia, though this…

Found via JASNA Northern California:
I’ve read 8 of 10(So lost in you Jane Austen). I’ve enjoyed all of the one’s I read except #9.…

Associations of Thought
Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised, or a little mistaken. —Emma We are conscious of many frailties. Be thou……/sir-francis-willi…/

Sir Francis William Austen: Glimpses of Jane’s sailor brother in letters
Sir Francis Austen was Jane Austen’s successful sailor brother

There are at least six videos!

Pride & Prejudice – Impromptu Walkabout
Pride and Prejudice – Impromptu Walkabout with Wickham and Mary


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