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4/9 Desperately seeking a Jane spring!

As Austentatious notes below, *language warning!* However, it is very well done! Maybe as good as their analysis of P&P.
Austentatious Library shared Thug Notes’s episode:
This just showed up in my feed, and it is spot on and *hilarious*! 😂 Please enjoy the summary and analysis of #Emma by Thug Notes. Summary has its moments but as always, I love the analysis. Warning, some language, so NSFW unless you use headphones or turn down the volume. ❤️📚 — Miss Lydia
#JaneAusten #Austen #AustentatiousLibrary

a sweet lil girl named Harriet Smith.
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Emma- Thug Notes…
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April 7 at 11:20am ·
Kickin’ it with one of the baddest bitches in the literary game- Jane Austen and her classic Emma.

OTD… News from 1093 A.D., the new Winchester Cathedral is dedicated by Walkelin! (no, I’m not so old that I was there…..sorta)

A Member of The Austen Trio (they perform tonight at Harvard) was interviewed on the NPR program here & Now on 4/4 Hour 1 running from 11:35-22:30 Approx.

Jane Austen’s “Tribute” to the Prince Regent:
A Gentleman Riddled with Difficulty…/on-line/vol27no1/sheehan.htm

Certainly a beautiful but widely incorrect book cover…and one from ’95 and one from ’08.

“What books are you embarrassed not to have read yet?
It’s not that I haven’t read the Jane Austen novels — I have — but it’s still embarrassing to have to be told by well-meaning friends and my wife what I’m supposed to get from them.”…/john-lewis-gaddis-by-the-book.html

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