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4/16 Winter, you have “delighted”…where are you Jane spring???

Frank Churchill….flirting with Emma is not Jane Fairfax approved!!!!!!!!!!!

Pride & Prejudice (1980) – First Proposal
These days, I watched again Pride & Prejudice, taking particular attention to the1980’s (not 1979, as I wrote in the opening) version. The first……/visiting-jane-au…

Part of a painting in The Tudor House Museum in Bugle Street. It shows the Marquis of Landsdownes house next to Castle Square. The……/every-jane-austen…/slide/1

Jonny Lee Miller…the best Mr Knightley! 🙂

I cite this radio adaptation of Mansfield Park as “the luck of Mansfield Park!!!” Can you imagine how many people would watch this if it had been a TV adaptation????? Poor Mansfield Park!!!!…/listen-up-benedict-cumberba…/

From A Contrary Wind:
“So I ran the first 500 words of Mansfield Park through “ProWritingAid.” Jane Austen got top marks for spelling for flunked on style. Too wordy.”

Mr Bingley??? Mr Darcy??? 🙂

Make haste…make haste and enter! 🙂…/enter-to-win-our-spring-jane-aus…/

Enter to Win Our Spring Jane Austen Giveaway!
We at JASNA EWANID are so very pleased to note we have reached 100+ followers on Facebook, Twitter, AND Instagram!! Thank you for joining us!! To celebrate these milestones, we have decided to host…

Publishing Persuasion –…/a-something-ready-for-p…/

“The building has a rich and varied history, including its claim to fame as the former classroom of the writer Jane Austen. It will make a fitting space for the museum’s popular Victorian classroom experience.”
On three……JANE AUSTEN IS NOT A VICTORIAN!!!!!! Thank you 🙂…/16137625.Abbey_restora…/

Abbey restoration project reaches new milestone with Gateway unveiling
A SUBSTANTIAL restoration project to maintain one of the town’s iconic landmarks will move one step closer with an unveiling ceremony.

Sir Edward Pellew of A&E’s Hornblower series!!

“…he heard at the same time that Charles may be in England in the course of a month.–SIR EDWARD PELLEW succeeds Lord Gambier in his command….” JA to Cassandra Austen Thursday April 18, 1811


  1. I taught Pride and Prejudice in Lexington and online again recently, but not the kind of Austen course – about Austen’s life and influence that will be offered by Future Learn online for free starting April 23.

    If you want to sign up, go to:

    And by the way, several hundred of my Jane Austen tour photos are still up on my smugmug site, including the Steventon/Chawton/Winchester are here:


    (In 2008, I signed up for a day-long tour of Austen country and although I was the only one signed up, the wonderful tour guide gave me a private 8hour tour and even extended it by an hour to take me to her grave and memorial at Winchester cathedral. Then I spent a week at a variety of estates related to Pride and Prejudice and all the P&P films, and ended with a Jane Austen festival in Bath. Wonderful experience, as long as don’t catch the flu on your plane flight over — which unfortunately I did!)

    Tracy Marks in Arlington


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