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5/6 May Jane Days..week in review…/

From last week:

Samuel Keele shared a link to the group: Jane Austen Fan Club.
May 1 at 10:51pm

“Yet below the glittering surfaces that have so often preoccupied both her detractors and her admirers, all six of Austen’s published novels display a broad and intimate awareness of the inner rush and throb of life, an awareness that links her with a host of later nineteenth-century writers including George Elliot and [REDACTED-name not allowed on this web page!!!] herself, and that is nowhere more evident than in Persuasion.”
-Introduction, “Jane Austen PERSUASION: An Annotated Edition” Edited by Robert Morrison 2011 The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Cambridge, MA London, England
4.75 Regency Teacups

Found via the delightful JASNA Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho:

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Rachel Dodge shared a link on the Jane Austen Fan Club wall:
This is an 1815 print of “a young woman in an autumnal walking dress taken from La Belle Assemblee…” It appears in an annotated edition of Persuasion I have on loan from one of my students.
This dress is described as a “jaconet muslin high dress… with a long sleeve, prettily and tastefully ornamented at top with letting-in lace, in such a manner as to form a very novel half sleeve. The bottom of the dress is finished by a triple flounce of worked muslin or lace.”
This dress is similar to that which the Musgrove and Elliot sisters would have worn “on their November 1814 walk from Uppercross to Winthrop.”
Wouldn’t you like to go back in time for an afternoon walk? I would, especially if it meant wearing something like this!

From last week….


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