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5/20 More May Janeness…..week in review

The Penderwicks author Jeanne Birdsall at Brookline Public Library. When asked ‘what is your favorite book?’ She answered…..

Found via JASNA-North TX….there are some great photos included…..…/calke-abbey-an-english-c…

Found via JASNA Northern CA:

I greatly enjoyed a free rewatch of Bride and Prejudice at a local library. This post is especially for the older woman who complained…. “I wasted 2 hrs watching’s not Jane Austen’s England”.
4.5 Regency Teacups! The Bollywood Emma…Aisha is still my favorite Bollywood Austen…but it’s very close.

PERSUASION ~Captain Wentworth's Letter Keychain

“By the social mores of the time, officers, as gentlemen, were expected to eat in a better way and on a different level than the ‘people’. The obvious way to set themselves apart was to eat at different times.”
-pg 121 “Feeding Nelson’s Navy: The True Story of Food at Sea in the Georgian Era” by Janet Macdonald Chatham Publishing London 2004
Other than the “distasteful” cover, I enjoyed the book! 3.75 regency teacups


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