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6/5 June Jane week in review…

Fran N shared a link at the Jane Austen Fan Club:
This excellente video gives us some of the probable answer why Mansfield Park ends that way… Jane Austen at that time, 38 years old lived with her mother both entirely dependent on her brother’s ( God bless him ) charity.. So, even if her novels couldn’t give her a enough for a leaving, she had to try, and so finished the novel according to an acceptable task… So, the end is lighter than the core of the novel… To help her character having a different ending would have been to develop them longer, to make them real… Which, was probably impossible…
Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (1814). Dr Mary Breen, University College Cork.
This month the TV 3 Book Club celebrates the two-hundredth anniversary of first publication of Jane…

Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (1814). Dr Mary Breen, University College Cork.
This month the TV 3 Book Club celebrates the two-hundredth anniversary of first publication of Jane…

Found via JASNA-North Texas:…/take-stroll-through-jane-…/

About this article
Take a Stroll Through Jane Austen’s England With This Interactive Map
A look at the houses and towns that shaped the life and writing of the famed author on the 200th anniversary of her death

Some Twitterness….
If you could hang out with any book character today, who would you choose?
“You’re never alone when you’re reading a book.” ― Susan Wiggs #amreading
#GreatReadPBS Dang! It was a busy Sunday and I forgot to vote yesterday. Today I’m voting for #PrideandPrejudice because it is a love story in a novel that is the most real I’ve ever read. My family reads it over and over. #VotePridePrej #booklover
“A letter exposes to all the evil of consultation, and where the mind is any thing short of perfect decision, an adviser may, in an unlucky moment, lead it to do what it may afterwards regret.” ‘Mansfield Park’ (IIIxiii)
Jane Austen in Bath – walking in her footsteps…/jane-austen-in-b…
Edmund Bertram believes that a clergyman has charge of all that is of the first importance to mankind,individually or collectively considered,temporally&eternally, has the guardianship of religion&morals&consequently of the manners which result from their influence
(Janet Todd)
“Where shall I begin? Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?” – JA

Congrats Rita!

Boston Public Library
May 29 at 4:06pm ·
This summer, Boston Public Library is challenging the city to read one million minutes!

How can you join?

📚Read – Books, poetry, magazines, news – it all counts. You can even listen to audiobooks, story times, or author readings. Visit for ideas.

📚Report – Report your minutes read each week at or any BPL location. Attend a read-in at the BPL to make your minutes count double!

📚Recommend – Follow Boston’s progress at, encourage friends and family to join, and tell us what you’re reading on social media with #BostonReads2018.

Happy Reading, Boston!

Found via Jocelyn Harris:…

Jane Austen Society of North America 2015 AGM
Video produced by Gina Heath King for Master of Liberal Studies degree at the University of…

Wiam El on The Jane Austen Fan Club(image selection by AiB):
“Although Sense and Sensibility has perhaps not the unforced and brilliant gaiety of Pride and Prejudice, although it deals with themes less serious than Mansfield Park, although it cannot have the ripe and gentle wisdom of Persuasion, nor, above all, the perfection of Emma, yet, as one of the world’s greatest novelists, it delights on first acquaintance, rewards those who study it, and, like great works of literature, offers new, different, and richer treasures on each return to it”
Dr W.A.Craik


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